Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well about the present day. Our dog Missy went missing on Sunday. Reggie and Cooper took the quad Sun Evening and looked everywhere for her. They never found her. Cooper said a little prayer asking Heavenly Father to "Please bless Missy home." Well yesterday I heard Buddy barking and I yelled out the window at him because I didn't want him waking up my kids from their naps. After a few minutes he started up again. Instead of yelling at him I decided to just let him bark I thought maybe he could bring Missy home. Another few minutes later I looked outside and Missy was almost home, I couldn't believe it. My mom asked me if she was in heat and I wasn't sure-we hadn't even thought about that, but she was right. I am so glad to have her home, she is such a good dog and the kids like her alot more than Buddy (poor Buddy-he's just more of Reggie's dog though). When Cooper came downstairs from his nap Reggie showed him Missy and said look Heavenly Father answered your prayer, He brought Missy home. Cooper thought that was cool. He told me "Jesus brought mine Missy home." I had no clue Cooper had any idea there was such thing as a best friend but this is what he said to me, "Mine Missy mine Best Friend." Now if that doesn't just melt you. It really was so cute. He was acting all shy when he said it.

Cooper decided he wanted a plane(we have a basket of plastic planes, and he gets one if he goes poo-poo or potty). Well yesterday he said "Mommy I want to go poo-poo in the toilet and get a plane." I was very excited, but between Kira sitting on the toilet once or twice everday for the past few days and Cooper wanting an airplane, we spent the majority of our day in the bathroom yesterday. Cooper did earn himself 2 planes yesterday but none today-yet.

We went to play in our like 6-8 inches of snow on Monday, Cooper wanted to build a Daddy snowman and a Cooper snowman. Kira didn't want me to put her down for a second. She just wanted me to hold her. The second time she went to play in the snow there more trails so she wasn't as scared to walk around a bit. All Cooper wants to do is play snowballs, mostly to throw them at Daddy. I love the snow, it has been a blast to play in and just look at. I am very glad that I am feeling better or I wouldn't even want to go outside. We went to vote last night, good thing Margie(Reggie's mom) reminded us. We made it oh so barely, we were the last one's in line and they closed the door right behind us. I had no idea whatsoever about voting being yesterday.

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*Katie May* said...

Go Cooper! Get all those planes! Wow that's a lot of snow! Glad I'm here :) Cute videos!