Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sunday after church

Our Christmas

Almost 2 weeks later and I feel like I am still trying to recover from this Christmas season. I loved spending Christmas with the little ones-they make everything so bright.
We had a good Christmas at home & went to Pima the day after. It was a very short trip and parents were really busy but I was glad I got to see them-and as much as I love them - I really wanted to see my cousin Sara and my Aunt Cindy and her family(The two people I speak of are on different sides of the family). It was so much fun to visit with everyone. My parents ended up with a new dining room set that weekend and it must have been fate because we went to Pima with an empty truck(that never happens-Reggie ALWAYS brings his quad) and so we got my parents table. Ok so the table is older than me-it is still in way better condition than our wobbly table that was donated to the thrift store last week. We only had room for 4 chairs-so our next trip will be for the other two chairs and the two leafs.
My FAVORITE Christmas tradition is that we wait to open our stockings until Christmas night-it is very fun to have something to still look forward to after all the opening of gifts is over in the morning.

Reggie got me a sewing machine-actually I got it for myself from Reggie. It's not exactly the one I wanted but it wasn't very expensive and I am excited - although my first attempt at using it was pretty amusing :)

Kira loves loves loves this little stroller

We had this bike given to us almost a year ago so for Christmas we decided to put pedals and training wheels on it for Coop. It will be fun once the mud clears up so we can practice outside.
Our kids got tons of stuff and were way too spoiled but it was fun!