Friday, August 14, 2009

Nice people and Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels
So last Sunday...just a few minutes after I get out of the shower, and while Reggie is laying on the bed reading his missionary journal, we hear this really loud CRASH and the sound of glass SHATTERING. So we run to the scene and the kids are crying. We found Kira and Kyler under this (I don't even know what to call it) hutch(is what we call it) that is actually is suppose to go on the sides of the entertainment center but we chose to put it somewhere else instead. Anywho...over on the left hand side Kylers legs were under it and Kira's entire body had been landed on. Cooper...let's see where was Cooper...oh yeah he ran away as soon as it happened...he didn't want to get in trouble. Well after talking to Cooper we found out that he was trying to open the top door and that was when it fell over-on TOP of my babies. Well when we went to get the kids, I picked it up to pull them out and ended up rolling it on top of them, before actually getting it off of them. Well guess what, other than a few tears and a scary experience-NOTHING happened to any of them. Not a single scratch, or cut or bruise. We are very lucky and thank our Guardian Angels. Kyler just hugged me and didn't want to let go. I felt extremely foolish for never bolting the darn thing-because I KNEW it was NOT stable.
So are people in the world mean or nice? Think about it-do you think people are nice? Well I think that over all, people are very nice!
Reggie and I took the kids bowling tonight and on the way home I ran in to Walmart really quick. I just needed milk, but a few things got forgotten at our last grocery trip so I decided to get a few things. Reggie jokingly warned me that if I wasn't back in 20 min. he was going to leave me. I have no watch and no cell phone-so therefore have NO time.
Well, there I am checking out-all I have in my pocket is $70 and I'm pretty sure all I have is $50 worth of food so I wait and then see the total- $110! I was like REALLY embarrassed and was frantically looking in my bags trying to take things out so the people behind me don't get irritated. They asked myself and the cashier how short I was and I mumbled while searching my bags-"like $30 or $40" So now I am really worried about upsetting the people behind me because I mean come on, what would you be thinking? "Yeah good luck getting rid of $30-$40 worth of food" Okay so in the quick second that I was judging the people behind me and after I got the bill down to $83 they asked again "How much are you short?" They then told the cashier that they would take care of the rest! OH MY HEAVENS! Are people really that nice. You know they never even ONCE seemed grumpy or irritated at me taking FOREVER. I tell them "You don't need to do this, really! I have the money it's just not with me, really it's fine! That is very kind of you but REALLY I'm fine."(So do you think I said really enough :)) They absolutely insisted! This couple was so amazing! They even told the cashier to put all my groceries back and they were going to cover all the extra-which ended up being 30 bucks! WOW People REALLY are nice. And was in absolute tears and I hugged the lady and everything. Oh man...well in the meantime Reggie is parked outside with very sleepy kids and 9:30pm and he is waiting for me with the lights on. Some guy pulls up and yells over to Reggie with not very nice language telling Reggie to turn his lights off. Okay-so Reggie has a bit of a Temper, and I don't think think this man was very wise. Then he goes over to the car and Reggie rolls the window down and this guy is yelling at Reg again with not very nice things to say ;) Well do ya think Reggie turned his lights off?-NOPE. He would have been more than happy to turn them off if the guy wasn't so rude, well the guy left which was good, and then Reggie turned his lights off :).(I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to do the same thing, if somebody yelled at me like that) I am just glad because Reggie said the kids probably didn't hear him and I'm glad Reggie stayed in the car and kept his cool. people yell and swear, or do people see someone in need and offer to help.
Those people were SO nice!
Granted I yell sometimes-at my sweet poor hubby and a little at my innocent kids(I know I'm a terrible mother sometimes) but I hope that for the most part I can be NICE!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reggie's birthday camping trip!

I got Reggie a camp stove for his birthday!
(of coarse it is so HE can cook me delicious food when we go camping)
Kyler REALLY wanted to sit on it-hhmmm, fried Kyler-I bet it's sweet ;)
This is our wildlife for the weekend. I don't think I have ever seen wild turkeys.

Our exciting camp!

Mommy and Kyler chillin' on our nature walk.

WOW-what a cool rock :)

Cooper and Kira had fun sitting on this tree. Reggie was bouncing it a bunch. Cooper actually fell off and Kira was holding on for her life. Cooper totally face planted.

What a cool sideways growing tree! Cooper was terrified going up as high as he did in this picture, yet he can jump off my kitchen counter!

Kira is such an actress! And very brave! She climbed higher than Reggie until I finally told her to come down. She (pretended) to get stuck and guess who she wanted to rescue her...Cooper. That's right Cooper is her prince charming I guess. While waiting for Cooper to go two feet up the tree she slipped and got pretty scraped up, but she hung on for life again and didn't fall down. She just hung on until Daddy came to her rescue.

CELL PHONE on a camping trip?! WHAT?! Ever since Reggie's Dad had a stroke about 1 or 2 months ago, Reggie has been super busy. The phone is always on his ear(I have got to get this guy a blue tooth) His Dad is doing good but we don't think he'll ever return to work or even be able to drive for that matter, he is a lot different now. So the business has been in much need of Reggie since he is basically the replacement for his Dad. We were lucky to even get a little time off for this trip.
We were at the very end of a long dirt road and camped in a spot with cell service-what luck ;)
I love this picture-Reggie and the kids were getting ready to shoot. The kids were having a blast putting ear muffs on Kyler.

We love DADDY!

Dinner AND a show!

Kira was about to perform and needed Daddy to take care of her bear. Daddy is a great bearsitter.

Here is the show...
After breakfast we(the kids) decided to have an on the spot talent show!
Cooper did his infamous cowboy dance-whoa!

My adorable little Kira doing a little dance and jumping jacks.

Happy 29th Birthday Reggie!
I am a bad wife and didn't come prepared with a cake so when we made pancakes I made Reggie pancakes in the shape of a 2 and a 9 and I was prepared with candles so he blew out the candle on his pan CAKE!
We love to eat good when we go camping!