Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh My Baby!

Look at this little Sweetie!
I just can't believe that 12 months ago, this is what she looked liked.
Happy Birthday Lacee Lou!
"Mommy, why do I need to open my presents, my brothers and sister do everything for me."
Look everybody-a My Little Pony!
I am thinking I should just post the cake pictures without comment...lets just say that it was my first time using fondont on a cake.
I will let you guess if it was suppose to be straight or lopsided :)
Dig in Lace!
Those were pictures of her little birthday at home on her actual birthday. Now the next pictures are from July 2nd when we had a Fourth of July party/Lacee's birthday party with Reggies fam.

Here we have yet another cake...this one is specifically for Lacee.
Ready to let all the kids help her blow out her candles on a few of her cakes(I know I know...one would have been plenty)
A little bit of cake heaven...
Can someone please get me my drink...
We have four of the five Reed grandchildren.
Okay...so now for the highlight of the birthday party for Lacee and Mommy.
She took her first steps...for her Mommy and Daddy! Yahoo!
Can I just say that I was completely THRILLED!
I Love that Baby!
Lace found out why the kids were having so much fun...the sprinklers. Very exciting!
Well I hope everybody had a great 4th of July weekend! We sure did!

I just want to say a few things about my little chub a lub. Lacee is a snugli bugli! She loves how loved she is! She is a very sweet little girl. We are all very grateful for her. She absolutely loves her family. She is a Daddy's girl, a Mommy's girl, a brothers girl, a sister's girl and another brother's girl. She loves to be loved and give love. She is silly and fun and sensative. I am going to guess she weighs about 20lbs. and she only has two teeth on the bottom and a bunch that have been about to come in for several months now. Happy Birthday Robin Lacee, our big ONE year old!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Kira!

I realize it has been a while but here goes...

My daughter had a birthday and she is now 5!
So...Kira in a nutshell:
Yes-Kira is kissing a frog. We found this frog in our backyard and Kira immediately wanted to hold it and Cooper wanted so badly to be brave but he just could not convince himself he could make it alive-holding a frog. So Kira chased him around the yard holding the frog-her older brother-it was quite a site and Cooper was laughing too. That poor frog.
Well Kira also enjoyed kissing the frog...I wonder what her prince will end up looking like? :)

Well my little sweetie turned 5 and I just can't believe it. I simply cannot imagine my life without Beejo! She is so much fun and as Reggie says
"BIG spirit LITTLE body"
Kira is so full of life and it is wonderful!

Kira wanted a pony cake with strawberries around it...I didn't have vanilla frosting and kept forgetting so it was a crazy day...my Mother-in-law ended up getting the strawberries and ice cream and frosting right before the party(it wasn't a big deal though since it was just fam) Well anyway after some fun cake making this is what we came up with...and very quickly Reggie helped me by frosting the mane and tale and placing the strawberries(which I think he enjoyed-although Kira didn't realize it-her Daddy made sure to give the pony a strawberry dropping or two) anywho here is her "pony cake with strawberries around it" and she loved it!
Kira wanted her B-day at the park...so off we were.
some pics of the sweet little baby(poor child didn't get her hair done for Kira's big day-oh well)
Kyler and all his ness...
happy one second...
MAD the next...gotta love him!
This was funny...Cooper through one of Kira's glow in the dark bracelets on the roof of the park gazeebo and so Reggie lifted Cooper up to go and get it. When I took the picture and it flashed-Reggie thought it was police lights. BUSTED!
Happy Birthday Princess!
We Love You!
My little sweetheart is going to be in kindergarten next year-holy cow how time flies!