Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kira!!

Well my little girl turned 4 yrs old last Monday. Although it seems like she was already four, it's still crazy that she actually is 4 now! She has been saying Happy Birthday every night for months now (she is a VERY silly little girl) and still is.

Reggie was working in the area and swung in to take Kira out for lunch. It was really sweet to see Kira's Daddy want to do something special with her. They have a very cute relationship.
I guess this is Kira's first real date :)
This is a cute picture of Kyler chowing on some birthday cake.
We had Kira's party at the park, but Reggie got home so late that it was almost dark ( oh the poor girl was so anxious to get to the park-it was a very interesting evening to say the least-just trying to get there). But once we got there Kira had a blast with her presents and wondering around the playground in the dark.
She got a bike which she was thrilled about(and Cooper even more so). Thus far Cooper has ridden it more than Kira.
Isn't she such a cutie!
So we got a free cake from Bashas for her birthday but Kira wanted cupcakes. I tried(and half failed) making cupcakes in a cone. Should have been super cute but ended up being super cute melted ice cream cake cones. Well anyway her Bashas cake which I still got for her, fell on the park bench (you know how toast always falls to the ground butter side down-well cakes fall frosting side down ;) Okay, I have to say that it was just another thing to top it all off, but none the less, I thought it was hilarious.
She loved helping me make her cupcakes and she wanted pink yellow and blue frosting, so that is just what we did!
Well Kira, I hope you know how special you are because you really are! You really are easy to please and you love to be silly and make everyone happy! You show your affection very often by hitting people-especially Daddy. You have to be looked at when talking or you think you aren't being listened to (sorry you get that from your Mommy) You are very care free and wild at the same time. You are a great big sister and a fun little sister. We are very lucky to have you in our family.
Love Mommy
p.s. I'm glad you finally came to terms with being 4. I know how bad you want to be 5. Next year you will be, but for now-don't grow up too fast.