Monday, February 22, 2010

A trip to the valley!

Last month(Feb.) we made a trip to the valley so Reggie could get his plumbing license (long story). Well we stayed with my brother and sis-in-law and had a blast. While Reggie was doing the whole study and test taking thing, me and the kids hung out at the house or went into town for some city life.
NIGHT 1:One of the nights I was there I got to catch a glimpse of their Bunco night and I actually WON-yeah, so what if it was winning the losing spot right?! :) I ended up with the least amount of points but it was lot's of fun. Reggie had to take the kids out for dinner and come back at bedtime and it was very sweet of him to not only leave the premises but to also not complain at all.
NIGHT 3: The next night we had dinner with some friends, Jake and Kristen. Then we had to race off so me, Katie and Marie(my sis-in-laws) could go to the movies which was so fun to just hang out, we ended up just chillin after the movie for a while. I love just hangin out with the girls.

DAY 1:The days were pretty busy, the first day was hangin out at Katie's and helping her prep for Bunco night since it was her turn to host. DAY 2:The second day was a shopping day, so I went into town and met Marie at Savers (one of my favorite places-now the secret is out and you all know I buy second hand clothes :) When we left the store Marie hung out to make sure this weird guy talking to me and standing a little too close to my car didn't do anything crazy and then we were off. I went to pick up Reggie for a lunch break and Marie and Ayden went to pick up Brian(my brother) and we all met up at the mall for some lunch before Brian and Marie had to race off to take Brian to school. I then took Reggie back to his class and went off the Hobby Lobby(yet another one of my FAVORITE places). Reggie calls it Happy Hobby(I think he has to rename absolutely everything in my world, just to drive me crazy-he is such a TEASE!) -What a goof, but I Love him!
DAY 3: Well on Thursday I took my kids to the dinosaur museum which was so much fun! The official name is the Arizona Museum of Natural History. I was so excited to take my kids out and do something for them. When they are older maybe we will learn a little more than the numbers on the elevator :). Friday we packed up and took Reggie to take his test(which he did GREAT on) and while he was test taking me and the kids were going to take a quick jont(so I thought) to return something to Hobby Lobby. Well I thought the Hobby Lobby was only like 10-15 min away but it ended being 30 min. So by the time me and the 3 little ones get there and then get out and return my item then make it to the restroom(oh my gosh I was so done with bathroom trips and kids in the valley-EXHAUSTING) I had almost no time to browse-although it was just enough to buy a few more little things:) NIGHT 4:Then back to get Reggie, then another store for me and one for him and we were off to eat dinner at some friends house. Justin and Ginger took good care of us and I was glad to see their new house-which is adorable. They even donated some p.j.'s to us since everything was dirty and we didn't know where in the car it was. Let me just say that Cooper is in love with his new spider-man p.j.'s and Kira now loves Hannah Montana only because that is who is on her shirt! We headed out pretty late and I of course fell asleep on the way home (which is always better when Reggie is driving and it's late-because he is NO slow driver at those times).

This is a picture of Reggie taking Kira for a ride on Brendan and Katie's goofy little go-cart thing.
And a picture with Cooper. Kyler got a ride too but I didn't get a snapshot. I also went on the very bumpy but really fun little go-cart, but I wasn't brave enough to take the kids with me.
Brendan and Katie moved not too long ago, but their place sure seems to have gotten it together really fast on the inside and outside. Although if we are comparing - our place after almost 6 years still has no fence or grass :( - But that will soon change :)
The rest of these pictures are from our dinosaur museum trip.

In this pic they are sitting in front of a real fossil(I tried to teach them the meaning of a fossil but there is just too much to see to be able to hear(at least hear Mommy anyway).

This turtle was out in the open so I am assuming it was ok for her to sit on :)
Our huge dinosaur puzzle that took Mommy quite some time to figure out how to put back together (much easier once I realized it was double sided and some of the pieces were upside down)-I know, I'm such a blonde sometimes. This is also when I let the tiger off his leash(I let Kyler run around for a bit) and he was too busy so I had to introduce some tootsie rolls to him when I forced him back to the stroller.
Nothin' like a little candy bribe.
The dark glow in the dark room where you can draw on the walls.
My kids got to star in an old Western!
Okay, so I tried getting a picture of Kira in one of these old prison cells and just as I was getting the door closed on her, Cooper went into the next cell over and started closing his door. The door made a VERY LOUD sound that startled Kira so bad she was instant tears and screams. She ran out in a panic and just wanted to hug me forever. It was really sad. Pretty much heart breaking since Kira is my little tough girl.

They are suppose to be panning for gold but instead we just played in the water for a little break outside.
Yeah! Kyler finally got in on the action-we was so happy to be free!

This here is Manny's uncle!
Please tell me you know who Manny is.
Well that's it for our trip to the museum. The kids had a blast, I have to thank Katie for letting me borrow her sit and stand stroller. The kids were really good-the museum wasn't busy at all. We just wandered around making it to the elevator like 8 times. I'm really glad I got to go share some time with the kids!
Long post...I know.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet and Wonderful Mother!!

This picture was from my High School days. My Mom and I took some last minute shots at the mall.

Hey Mom-this is our newcomer. These are some adorable pictures from our ultra sound 2 days ago. This little baby already looks like a little Reed baby :) I can't believe how well you can see the baby with a 3-D ultra sound. We ended up having the ultra sound but still didn't find out the gender of the baby. So it will be a Delivery room SURPRISE!!

For my Moms birthday she asked all of her children to do something special as a family or something a little different that we would normally do. So we decided to visit my Grandpa, Paul Lincoln Goodman at the Taylor cemetary.

We then went to the Snowflake Cemetary and paid a visit to Reggie's Grandpartents, Don and Thelma Brinkerhoff.

I am really glad we finally were able to go and say hello to my Grandpa. He died before I was born but I know he was a great man.

Well Happy Birthday Mom, we Love You!!