Monday, December 22, 2008

What does mother do to keep busy?

We have had quite the last day, week, month, several months! I thought life was busy before kids then there was one, then two, now three.
Late Congrats to Brendan & Katie who had a baby a couple of weeks ago. Little Carsten sure look like a cutie, I can't wait to meet him. The plan was to go the weekend after he was born-but Kira got croup-what a nightmare-especially with Reggie gone hunting. But we got through it. Cooper completely lost his voice two weekends ago all the while Reggie, his dad and a guy from work were working on our air ducts. Kira's room gets no heat-so she has/had a space heater in her room and our bathroom was always freezing - but not anymore-thanks to the Christmas present from Reggie's Dad, we can now start our fires with the intent to heat our whole house-no more space heaters!
The Pictures began like this...wild!
And got wilder...

and wilder!
Doesn't Reggie look excited to be taking pictures=)
It's a miracle - we took 40 pics and got 1 good one!
Kira doesn't have her hand in her mouth and everybody is smiling.
Thank you camera & tripod for taking our pictures-whew!
Cooper was sad that Santa didn't give him the truck he asked for-I had to explain that it was coming on Christmas-this is just when we tell Santa what we want. He was cool with that.
Poor Kira-her mommy was busy taking pictures that the camera died when it was time to sit on Santas lap-my camera gave no warning-just died. She wouldn't sit on his lap but somebody did talk her into sitting next to Santa so Mommy could get a picture only to have mommy so mad at herself for not having more batteries-ok-breathe.
Kyler had his first bite of little big boy food last two Fridays ago.
oooohh gross Mommy!
Concentrate-bring the spoon to the mouth.
It's not that bad.
Oh yeah, I like this stuff!
Kyler in a box-what a wonderful Christmas present!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Lookin pretty for the camera.

Say cheese!

Good job! One more time! Man it's easier to get my kids to smile than my hubby=)

Hey there cutie pie. Chillin' on his cowboy blanket made by his Aunt Katie. His Aunt Katie adn Aunt Marie have quite the talent with sewing-one day I sure hope to learn some of their tricks.

Cooper had his 1st visit to the Dentist in November and my cousin Pat is our Dentist in Show Low. We had quite the dental month. On Halloween I got my wisdom teeth pulled-holy cow! Then Cooper had his appointment and that same day just a couple weeks after getting my wisdom teeth pulled I go my first ever cavities filled-TWO CAVITIES-but it wasn't too bad. Just glad that's over with. I thought Cooper would be terrified but the Hygienist(spelling?) was amazing, and he loved her!

You see the white corner where somebody already painted-yeah it wasn't white for long once Kira got to it. I knew that would happen-Reggie didn't so much plan on it.

Isn't this adorable!

Reggie did the top and I did the bottom-with Coopers help of course.

Playing dress up and looking at pictures
I knew they were being too quiet. I round the corner to the kitchen and this shredded paper was everywhere!! The bad in Coopers hand should be full but instead is all over my kitchen and the mud room. Reggie brought them home from work for a good fire starter. I actually had to try not to laugh when I saw this mess - I mean who can blame them-doesn't that look like it would be fun! They were very good at cleaning it up.

We let Cooper use the clippers a little bit with his last haircut-he hates haircuts-so it was a little incentive.
I am very excited about Christmas and to see what Santa will bring my kids-it's all very exciting. This is by far my busiest Christmas season ever-but I'm keeping the holiday cheer!
Well I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas-it's almost 1am and I still have much to do before bed-goodnight.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tagged by request!

So I had a request to add to the other tag

7 things in life you dream about doing eventually. (most of these have to do with money-go figure?!)

1. I dream about helping people-like I literally get sick thinking of all the people I should be helping-especially little children. I dream of opening orphanages in other countries-if it weren't for my sanity and my own little children/husbands need for attention I would probably be a foster parent.

2. I dream about becoming rich so I can buy a ranch for Reggie and buy him hunts and a building apart from my house to keep them =)

3. I dream about becoming an interior decorator and/or an architect. (I would have a problem-
since I worry WAY too much about what people think of me-I always feel like people are judging me and so I would always be worried people didn't like me or what I do.)

4. I dream about becoming a childrens book author and a songwriter(maybe when I have more time)

5. I dream about being more patient - like my mother.

6. I dream about being proud of my children when they all live away from home and happy that I raised amazing children.

7. I dream about traveling.

This was a fun one-I tag everybody who wants to do this-Please do this. Especially Aunt Cindy!