Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our Happy little trip! (long post)

Reggie works as a plumber for his Dads company. They got some work for a bunch of McDonald's. All the McDonald's restaurants are adding smoothie/coffee machines.
They got a job in Durango, CO at McDonald's. We tagged along and it was a blast. I think my favorite part of the trip was that we just hung out with each other. It was just our little family.

On these jobs-they begin at 8pm, so Reggie has to work nights, so trying to keep quiet the next morning in a hotel room with 3 kids was very interesting.
When we got to our hotel we asked how much it would be to upgrade from a one bed to two beds. It was a corporate rate so it stayed the same. Boy am I glad we got the bigger room, I saw the other room and it was tiny-we would have gone crazy in there. After being there a few days and Reggie didn't get something he needed delivered to the McDonald's. So we needed to extend our stay a couple more days. Then we found out that Reggie got another job in Cortez which is only 45 min away from Durango so in the long run our trip ended up being almost 2 weeks instead of 5 days. We could stay in our room into the weekend because they were booked but they bumped us to a family suite where the kids had their own room and we had two beds in ours!
Cooper is my little frisbee man!
Reggie is just another kid!

The kids loved to play especially with Reggie.

After a couple days we decided on a trip to Silverton. One of the most beautiful drives in my life. It took about an hour to get there and Reggie and I just loved the drive. It snowed the night before and we didn't get much in Durango, but our drive was packed with snow all around. It was Amazing! This picture doesn't give an ounce of justice.
This is a very cloudy/foggy picture of Silverton. Absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by mountains. There is a little town way down in there.

We drove past Silverton to Urray.
Why is there a door in the wall of a mountain?
I want to live THERE!?!

Silvertons very old jailhouse! I wonder why Reggie brought me there?;)
Oh wait it's not a loony bin-just jail :)

Another trip to the park.

So Funny! Reggie actually got stuck in the slide. I guess it turns tighter than it looks like it would. It really was funny-at least to me.

How Sweet!

My fishermen! One of Reggie's highlights of the trip besides working of course :)
It's a good thing we didn't put a hook on hers, instead it just has a little rubber crown. She kept fishing with it though-very cute!

Poor Kyler is stuck in the play pen while everybody is fishing.
Reggie and Cooper just wanted to fish, Kyler fell asleep, and Kira was freezing. I was just busy being a Mommy, trying to steal a few casts-only to get nothing, but we still had fun.
Our hotel in Durango(The Palmer Hotel) was right next to the train depot. The train leaves for Silverton twice a day. The kids loved to see and hear the train while we enjoyed our delicious breakfast.
This is a picture taken at our hotel. It seemed more like a bed & breakfast. It was awesome and beautiful. They had an old fashioned elevator which was both cool and tiny. I had to hold the gate open with one hand and fit the kids and stroller inside-whoa! That was quite the adventure-it's too bad I didn't get a picture. The elevator was barely(and I mean barely) big enough for the stroller with me and the kids on the side-no room for Reggie. It was super cool and the kids enjoyed taking the elevator!
Cooper and Kira just started to dance! Too Cute!
Cooper kept getting upset because Kira just wanted to dance and twirl around the room be herself.

Definitely a high point. The swimming pool! I love love love to swim and our pool was heated thank goodness. We didn't get the pool until our second hotel when Reggie was working in Cortez.
Poor Kyler was stuck in his stroller!
While we were swimming the hotel got loaded with like 100 kids about 5th or 6th grade-and they were the pool, We didn't swim long before the entire swimming pool area was filled with kids. The next morning at breakfast some ladies who worked there mentioned that MOST of the kids had coffee that morning. I could not believe it. COFFEE?! Almost all of them?!
Well that was our trip. The highlight being Kira getting a high fever and Reggie going to get some Tylenol. A few days later Cooper threw up IN our hotel room right when Reggie was off to work(Bye Hun:) Cooper threw up 3 times each being every other day-in the hotel room every time(I finally lined the floor with towels but by then Cooper mastered making it to the toilet). Poor kid. And having to do laundry twice was exciting too. All in all the drive wasn't long, and the kids were sweethearts.
It was SO nice to come home!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

7 of the BEST years!

25 things I love about Reggie:
1. He loves me
2. He loves to play with his kids
3. He is a VERY hard worker
4. He CLAIMS he hunts to provide food for his family :)
5. He loves animals especially horses and loves the outdoors
6. He is always singing something
7. He is just as stubborn as I am
8. He is the best Dad
9. Cooper wants to be just like him
10. Kira brings out his softer side
11. Kyler pulls on Reggie's heartstrings because Kyler is so tender
12. He has an amazing Testimony
13. He is so cute
14. He is such a smart man
15. He does the right things even when it's hard
16. He can make me laugh when I'm feeling blue
17. Reggie would live off a generator in the middle of nowhere if it weren't for his wife
18. He has a very quick temper
19. Reggie flirts with me all the time-even if in my old mommy age I don't take it quite as well as I use to-I still love to flirt with him, and he makes me smile and laugh.
20. He just another kid in our house
21. He is funny
22. He loves me for me
23. He is becoming a better person as the years go on
24. He has to ask me how to check the email every time he gets on-and he isn't aloud to turn the computer off although he is getting the hang of it.
25. I love to watch him work-he makes me feel safe
Reggie-you are the best especially for putting up with me. I mean we have had 3 kids in 4 years and a person can only imagine what that can do to the emotional state of a woman.
Happy 7th year Anniversary Love.
I love you Babe!

Things have been a little crazy so I hope to post again soon about all the things we have been up to lately. We have been in Colorado for 2 weeks and Reggie has been gone a lot with work-but the work came at the best time-and we are very greatful for the work-it has been a great blessing.