Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lesson Learned

So I went to get Kira out of bed on Mon or Tues and stubbed my toe. I really thought I broke it, but yester day it felt a lot better. My second toe is bruised from the top of my toe for about four inches down onto my foot.

Kira sits on the toilet about once or twice everyday for several minutes but has yet to go potty. She has been doing this for a couple of weeks. She thinks it's pretty cool. The same day a stubbed my toe, Kira decided that she had to go poop - only she didn't decide this until right after she was off the toilet. I am sure you can imagine. I was only gone about one or two minutes finding a diaper for the little toad. When I came back she was squating on my bedroom floor. I gave a quick scream of "NNOOO" and hauled her into the bathtub and in the bathroom on the floor was another 'pile'. The bummer part is that it was hard in the bathroom on the tile and soft on the carpet, which was tons of fun to clean up. Like I hadn't learned my lesson enough, as soon as she got off the toilet yesterday she went and pee'd on my closet floor, and I was pretty much right behind her all along. All the while Cooper pee's his pants about 2-3 times a day and yesterday he only made it to the toilet once. But I will NOT give up. It's too much work to start again. hopefully if all goes well my kids will be potty-trained(daytime) before the baby. Cooper will but we'll see about Kira.

Friday, February 15, 2008


So I bet you thought that was it for Reggie's journal, but he actually has two more and that's it. Sorry I was slacking - been a crazy week.

Wed, Feb 13th:

I was a wreck all day at work. I decided that I was going to ask Jenny to Marry me. So I got a dozen roses and had Brian Reed make me a metal rose and bend a horseshoe nail into a ring. I gave her the dozen roses right when I got to her place for an early Valentines at 9:00pm. Later that night at 12:15am (I waited for Valentine's Day early morning) I gave her the metal rose symbolizing that it would last forever. Then I asked her to marry me and she said "of course". I then gave her the ring.

Funny huh - This is what he actually said, "Do you remember the roses I gave you earlier, well they are going to wilt and die, but like this rose my love for you will last forever. Will you marry me?"

Thurs, Feb 14th:

So I proposed this morning! Two weeks from when I first really talked to her. The Lord sure moves fast. When something is right, its right, and we're not supposed to wait around on the feeling.

Well that's it for the journal episodes. And Reggie has yet to write in his journal since that day. Happy Late Valentines Day Everyone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well Reggie didn't write in his journal Sunday or Monday.
I imagine Sunday we went to a fireside together and maybe church.

Here's Tues the 12th for Reggie's journal entry - this is my favorite one:

I rode with Jenny to Globe to meet her mom and cousin Paul to go up to Snowflake to see the Temple. When we finally got up there, we saw my family eating at the Mexican restraunt, so we all stopped in and ate with them. Then me, Jenny and her mom and Paul went to Grandma Brinkerhoff's place to change for the Temple open house. The open house was awesome. I got a confirmation in the sealing room that Jenny was the ONE. That scared me to death. Well, Jenny's mom dropped us off in Globe and Jenny got a wild hair to go home. So we dorve to Pima. Of course she had to introduce everyone to me. That was a litle nerve racking. I was fixing a plumbing leak in Jenny's house when her Dad came home. So that scored points right off. Her family was really cool. On our way home, we pulled over and talked about what we felt in the Temple. That was hard. I'm not good at those heavy duty talks. We both sort of knew we were going to get married. I got home at 4:30am.

That really was an amazing experience at the Temple open house. On our way home we had pulled over on the side of the road because I got tired and wanted Reggie to drive. A cop kept driving by us making sure everything was ok. It was pretty funny. I told Reggie that I was afraid of THAT question. He wanted me to tell him which question but I wouldn't say- so we both knew but neither of us was going to say. He kept saying things like "You're afraid I'm going to ask you to rub my feet" and things like that. He was driving me crazy. He finally did say "You're afraid I'm going to ask you to marry me."

I just remembered that sometime that night Reggie and I said 'I Love You'. And just now when I asked Reggie about it he says he remembers saying 'I Love You' and he just told me that I said I couldn't say(even if I felt it - I always hated when high school kids would date all these people and always say I Love You). But I did eventually say 'I Love You' to Reggie that night. I remember when I got back to my apartment and one of my roommates was like "What is wrong with you - are you in love or getting married or something" I didn't want to actually say anything yet but I couldn't hold it in.


Here it is for Reg's journal:

Me and Dad went shooting today but the wind was blowing too hard. So we only shot a little bit. When we got home, I had Jen come over and we went and rode the horses. Then we hung out at our place until Madison, Justin and Ginger showed up. We went and got ice cream at Neilsons and then Justin went home. We dropped Madison off at the dance and we went to Shirines to hang out.


Reggies journal entry for Fri night 6 yrs ago.

Tonight, Justin, Ginger, Jake, Kristin, me and Jen went to the Outback steak house. We all played a joke on Jake and Kristin by telling them me and Jen were engaged. We led it on for about an hour and they so believed us. It was so funny. After dinner we went to Justins and watched a movie. Then me and Jen drove out to the wash and talked for a long time.


Reggie's journal entry for that day:

Just hung out with her but didn't do much else.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Videos of Cooper and snowballs

Snowball Fight!!!


Well about the present day. Our dog Missy went missing on Sunday. Reggie and Cooper took the quad Sun Evening and looked everywhere for her. They never found her. Cooper said a little prayer asking Heavenly Father to "Please bless Missy home." Well yesterday I heard Buddy barking and I yelled out the window at him because I didn't want him waking up my kids from their naps. After a few minutes he started up again. Instead of yelling at him I decided to just let him bark I thought maybe he could bring Missy home. Another few minutes later I looked outside and Missy was almost home, I couldn't believe it. My mom asked me if she was in heat and I wasn't sure-we hadn't even thought about that, but she was right. I am so glad to have her home, she is such a good dog and the kids like her alot more than Buddy (poor Buddy-he's just more of Reggie's dog though). When Cooper came downstairs from his nap Reggie showed him Missy and said look Heavenly Father answered your prayer, He brought Missy home. Cooper thought that was cool. He told me "Jesus brought mine Missy home." I had no clue Cooper had any idea there was such thing as a best friend but this is what he said to me, "Mine Missy mine Best Friend." Now if that doesn't just melt you. It really was so cute. He was acting all shy when he said it.

Cooper decided he wanted a plane(we have a basket of plastic planes, and he gets one if he goes poo-poo or potty). Well yesterday he said "Mommy I want to go poo-poo in the toilet and get a plane." I was very excited, but between Kira sitting on the toilet once or twice everday for the past few days and Cooper wanting an airplane, we spent the majority of our day in the bathroom yesterday. Cooper did earn himself 2 planes yesterday but none today-yet.

We went to play in our like 6-8 inches of snow on Monday, Cooper wanted to build a Daddy snowman and a Cooper snowman. Kira didn't want me to put her down for a second. She just wanted me to hold her. The second time she went to play in the snow there more trails so she wasn't as scared to walk around a bit. All Cooper wants to do is play snowballs, mostly to throw them at Daddy. I love the snow, it has been a blast to play in and just look at. I am very glad that I am feeling better or I wouldn't even want to go outside. We went to vote last night, good thing Margie(Reggie's mom) reminded us. We made it oh so barely, we were the last one's in line and they closed the door right behind us. I had no idea whatsoever about voting being yesterday.


If you just started reading my blog for the first time you may want to start from the bottom and read up - it will be less confusing that way.

Ok, back to Reg's journal entry:

I hung out at her place for most of the night. Until we went and visited Shirine at her place and played some pool.

I know, I know he's ssooo descriptive. I wish I remember a little better those days, but at least I know what we did only thanks to Reggie keeping a journal. Shirine lived with her sister and they had a really nice house. I remember she cut his hair one of the times we were there, and while she was cutting his hair we were watching some show on T.V. They were showing some lady with a talent for licking people's eyeballs clean. It was and is so disgusting. People would come from far just to have her lick their eye clean.


Here's Reggie's journal entry for Tues. in 2002

Tonight me and Jen went and hung out at Jeff and Jenny's place. Shirine came and got Jen and Jeff and I lifted weights.

I remember Reggie being really sad when Shirine came and I left him at Jeff's(gosh we were practically attatched at the hip. If I recall correctlly Reg and Jeff were trying to bench press a certain weight-I just don't remember the number. I remember when I came in the picture he didn't have as much time for lifting anymore.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Well it is totally snowing outside. We have about a few inches on everything. So here is my open invitation for anyone to come up and visit us. Well back to Reggies journal Entry for Mon Feb 4 2002. Uh-oh I forgot to call Brian yesterday and wish him a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I went to pick up Jen and bring her to my ward FHE, but she was late, so we sat on the couch and had our own FHE.

I know, I know what a shock that Jen was late to something. It's a good thing I'm always on time now - j/k - maybe someday soon I will be on-time. I remember having that Family Home Evening with Reggie and thinking how awesome it was to have somebody so good around and share the spirit in our FHE.


Reggie's journal entry for Feb 3rd.

Jen and I went to a fireside tonight and then I took her home to meet my family. They behaved themselves, so it was ok.

I remember wanting so badly to meet his family and I was so excited when I did because I thought they were so awesome. I am lucky to have great in-laws.

Just so you know Reggie only kept a journal for two weeks, so I won't be dragging this on forever.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reggie Lon Reed - The Love of My Life

Here is a poem I wrote very close before we got married.

That time has come for you and I
To end the sadness no tears no cry
Remember back to that first night
When we knew nothing not even to fight
We laughed and danced without a clue
That the Lord had a plan for me and you
Through the sad times and bad times we've grown together
And now we must learn to love forever
We musn't let the world come bewteen us
Hand in hand we should enjoy life without a fuss
The road is much to long to make it on my own
I promise to Love and Trust you and never leave you alone
I apologize for the sorrow that I've given
Please forgive and love me, and live with me in heaven.


Here we go again

Journal entry for Sat, Feb 2nd:

I didn't get up until 11:30. That was crazy. I went to a saddle shop in Casa Grande with Dad and then I went over to Jeff's to finish my glass bed job on my gun. It turned out good and then what do ya know, I went out with Jen again. She came and got me. We went with her friends for their birthday. We went to a comedy place called Jestures. It was clean fun. The we went to Cold Stone on Mill Ave. and back to her place to watch a movie. For some reason I want to be with her and she wants to be with me. Something weird is going on. This time I got home at 3:30am. That's going to have to change.

How adorable.
It was Heather and Athena's birthday and Sara came up.

I think it is so funny how life works. Life takes us all in different paths to learn and grow in our own way and to have the different stories and feelings and laughs and cries. I have had many laughs and cries since I have been married and I am glad I get to share them with Reggie.


I am sure you are all getting a kick out of how descriptive Reggie was in his journal entry's. But at least he wrote something. I on the other hand was in whole different world. Probably dreaming my life away.
Ok Reggie's journal entry for Frid, Feb 1:

Well, she dropped her plans and went with me tonight. We ate dinner with Dallan and his wife. Then we went to Justin and Gingers place to hang out. Then we drove to my place and I introduced her to the horses and dogs. Then we went and talked for a while and I got home at 4:30a.m.! This track record is getting worse.

Isn't he cute.


Oops. wrong day on my last post - it was Wed.

Anyway, Reggie's journal entry for Jan 31st:

Jennifer called me and invited me over again. This time we went to the jaccuzzi tub........Jennifer is from Pima, AZ and she's 18 years old. She makes me feel old. This time I didn't get home until 3:30am! Crazy kids.

He did fail to mention in that journal entry of his that we had our first kiss that night.
It was a fun night, my friend Shirine and another friend were there with us.

p.s. I did some spell checking for the sake of the reader.
Love you Babe =)


Reggie and I met 6 years ago this January. January 30th was the first time he called (about 2 weeks after we met). This is his journal entry for that day:
I called Jennifer Cluff for the first time to see if she wanted to go out on Friday night. She turned me down but she told me to come over right then to hang out. So I did and I didn't get home till 2:30am. We had fun.