Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reggie Lon Reed - The Love of My Life

Here is a poem I wrote very close before we got married.

That time has come for you and I
To end the sadness no tears no cry
Remember back to that first night
When we knew nothing not even to fight
We laughed and danced without a clue
That the Lord had a plan for me and you
Through the sad times and bad times we've grown together
And now we must learn to love forever
We musn't let the world come bewteen us
Hand in hand we should enjoy life without a fuss
The road is much to long to make it on my own
I promise to Love and Trust you and never leave you alone
I apologize for the sorrow that I've given
Please forgive and love me, and live with me in heaven.

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*Katie May* said...

That was so cute to read. Oh to be twiterpated again :) That's awesome he was so good at journaling it was fun to see what he was thinking and feeling