Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well Reggie didn't write in his journal Sunday or Monday.
I imagine Sunday we went to a fireside together and maybe church.

Here's Tues the 12th for Reggie's journal entry - this is my favorite one:

I rode with Jenny to Globe to meet her mom and cousin Paul to go up to Snowflake to see the Temple. When we finally got up there, we saw my family eating at the Mexican restraunt, so we all stopped in and ate with them. Then me, Jenny and her mom and Paul went to Grandma Brinkerhoff's place to change for the Temple open house. The open house was awesome. I got a confirmation in the sealing room that Jenny was the ONE. That scared me to death. Well, Jenny's mom dropped us off in Globe and Jenny got a wild hair to go home. So we dorve to Pima. Of course she had to introduce everyone to me. That was a litle nerve racking. I was fixing a plumbing leak in Jenny's house when her Dad came home. So that scored points right off. Her family was really cool. On our way home, we pulled over and talked about what we felt in the Temple. That was hard. I'm not good at those heavy duty talks. We both sort of knew we were going to get married. I got home at 4:30am.

That really was an amazing experience at the Temple open house. On our way home we had pulled over on the side of the road because I got tired and wanted Reggie to drive. A cop kept driving by us making sure everything was ok. It was pretty funny. I told Reggie that I was afraid of THAT question. He wanted me to tell him which question but I wouldn't say- so we both knew but neither of us was going to say. He kept saying things like "You're afraid I'm going to ask you to rub my feet" and things like that. He was driving me crazy. He finally did say "You're afraid I'm going to ask you to marry me."

I just remembered that sometime that night Reggie and I said 'I Love You'. And just now when I asked Reggie about it he says he remembers saying 'I Love You' and he just told me that I said I couldn't say(even if I felt it - I always hated when high school kids would date all these people and always say I Love You). But I did eventually say 'I Love You' to Reggie that night. I remember when I got back to my apartment and one of my roommates was like "What is wrong with you - are you in love or getting married or something" I didn't want to actually say anything yet but I couldn't hold it in.


cluffgirl said...

AWE! How sweet! I love these journal entries, they are so cute! Reggie seems to be a manof few words, but it is so sweet that he took the time to keep a journal! I wish Brian would have kept one.

*Katie May* said...

So sweet