Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our new little baby!!!

* Kyler Leo Reed * 7lbs 1oz * 21 1/2 inches long * Adorable baby boy * July 24,2008 * 1:47pm * Happy Baby *

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

Here are a couple pics we got before the camera batteries died at the parade.

We had a fun 4th weekend. It took a LOT of convincing Reggie to do the whole 4th of July stuff. We went to the Parade then to the park to eat lunch and then to a movie: Walle. It was Cooper's second movie in the theatre ever and Kiras first-what a nightmare.
She kicked the chair in front of her repeatedly and one time when I told her to stop(and I was pretty friendly about it) she started balling - very loudly. I bribed her with candy and had to do so the ENTIRE length of the movie except for the last 10 min when Reggie took her out. Oh well-the movie wasn't that good anyway - in our opinion.
After the movie we were going to stick around until the Show Low rodeo-but we were exhausted and went home for a rest then drove back to Show Low just so Jenny could show her fam the fireworks. Saturday evening we went to the Taylor rodeo and we had a blast. Poor Reggie has a hard time watching the rodeo because he wants SO bad to be in it. I on the other hand was so grateful he wasn't. Taylor has the best firework show ever! I don't think we'll go back to see Show Low's anymore.

I am counting down the days - let's hear your bets - when do you think I will have my baby. My due date is the 20th of July-less than 2 weeks. If your right I'll buy you your favorite candybar=)