Wednesday, May 7, 2008

MAY 3rd 2002

For Time and All Eternity


For our anniversary we decided to stay in a hotel in the valley and let my sister-in-law pay us back for watching their kids;) My parents use priceline all the time and I decided to use it-we ended up getting a 4 star hotel(it was actually a resort and spa) in Scottsdale for $85.00.
The resorts cheapest price is $419.00 per night. We totally lucked out. I am sure we got the price because they were renovating, but when we got there we never saw any type of construction going on. Let me tell you we were totally out of place being young pregnant and Reggie with his wranglers and cowboy hat. I am sure we stuck out like a sore thumb.

This is a picture of our one of two beds...When we first went to our room and saw two double beds-I was like-"ok they got it wrong-I called and said we wanted a King bed, lets go downstairs and get the right room" - wrong! When I told the lady we had two doubles instead of a king-she said I'm sorry we are out of King beds for tonight-it's simply a first come first serve. I was ssooo bummed. She asks me if we were there for any special occasion and it hit me hard-I got red and I could feel my face swell and the tears poured. With little breath and turning away from embarrassment I said "Our Anniversary" she mumbled something I couldn't hear and we walked back to our room. I couldn't believe I cried-oh wait I am pregnant and always emotional what else would I have done. I didn't stop crying for 10 minutes and I was flaming. About an hour later room service showed up with a bottle of Sparkling apple cider and a tray of fruit. I guess that was their apology-and it totally worked, I was still bummed but I was very excited about the cider and fruit.

Poor Reggie hates posing for pics but he was a very good sport. And yes that is our enormous bag for only one night.=)

Oh, so this is where they got my salad!

Over to the right is a picture of the salad menu at Alto-the Italian restaurant. Reggie spent $32.00 on a piece of Salmon the size of my hand and I spent $8 on a salad made up of flowers-I kid you not-it was as if they went to a wildflower meadow and picked my salad, and guess what it tasted like-yep flowers. Very interesting, good thing their desserts were filling.

I am so glad we got to spend a nice night away from the kids, we had a nice relaxing time. I love you Babe. Happy Anniversary. Six years of marriage and your still hangin out with me. Thanks to my sister-in-law Katie who watched the kids, Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

Our place was so nice, but next time I think we will go somewhere where we don't spend more on food than our hotel, although the breakfast in our room was so nice and way delicious.