Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pics of the Kids

Cheese! Or look scared and crazy, which ever.
Aren't I cute. This is a picture before the haircut. Cooper is posing for the camera

How can you sleep with hair all over you. Well he got a well deserved haircut.

Maybe he's dreaming that he's eating his sandwich.

Kira wanted to a big girl. Who knows maybe she'll be pottytrained before Cooper.

Little girl in a big hat.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Last week was a pretty crazy week being a single mom of 5 kids for the week. Things went pretty well as long as we kept on track with our schedule. Our first day was kind of funny when I read the instructions wrong and took 5 kids to Kiley's bus stop an hour early and we waited there on the side of the road with the babies in the stroller and playing games with the other three just to keep them out of the road. After about 40min.(I had no idea so much time past) a lady came around the corner and to make the story short I realized how long we were there and that we didn't have to be. Trying to eat breakfast and lunch and get five kids ready plus myself was quite an adventure
I guess the second best part would have to be when I got the flu while I was there. I called Reggie at 4:30am and woke him up because the clock was wrong and I thought he was already awake. And I was only calling to complain because I couldn't sleep all night, and I was terrified about how the day would pan out. Well @ 10:30am that same morning somebody was trying to open the front door and scared me a little. It was Reggie who had come to rescue me after a 3 hr long drive to do what he loves soooo much - BABYSIT. He is so sweet. He got Kiley off to school and let me nap when he got back and got the kids dinner that night while I rested. Oh boy was he happy to come home.
Ever since I got the flu last Friday my pregnancy sickness came back. I started getting better the week before we went to babysit. So I had a little taste of wellness and then - BAM! I guess things can always get worse-and they did-Kira got the flu when we got home and yesterday I woke up feeling bad with a cold and Kira got it today. I tell you what life has definately been more calm before. The great news is that we made it to the Temple this month, the first time in a while and when life is busy you have less time to feel sorry for yourself. All in all I really do feel up-beat.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

And we're back in the game-trying anyway.

And the Winner is...

Does Insurance cover this?

It could be worse

So, Christmas was good except for Kira being sick that was pretty sad. Cooper still says Santa is Coming To Town. I can hardly wait for my vacation next week-I am going to a far off land of Exotic people, a place where only the chosen get to go. It is the vacation of a lifetime (I hope)(just kidding Katie) I am going to BABYSIT in MESA!!! Well Cooper seems to like Sunbeams. And every week we go pick up Kira they say "She is so good" and I think it figures because she is quite the drama queen at home. Well I did something that wasn't exactly wise, but then again who said pregnant mothers are wise-this one is definately not wise. Maybe more like sporatic, crazy and completely non-coherant in most ways. I went to cut my bangs and I put the scissors away and I decided to trim my hair up in the back only it got much shorter than I anticipated. Well I never finished, my mother talked me into putting the scissors down and walking away. So it is completely uneven and I cut it about two weeks ago. The top doesn't even fit in a ponytail so I have to use bobbypins. I guess you could say "Here's your sign."
Peace Out All Y'All