Thursday, January 10, 2008

And we're back in the game-trying anyway.

And the Winner is...

Does Insurance cover this?

It could be worse

So, Christmas was good except for Kira being sick that was pretty sad. Cooper still says Santa is Coming To Town. I can hardly wait for my vacation next week-I am going to a far off land of Exotic people, a place where only the chosen get to go. It is the vacation of a lifetime (I hope)(just kidding Katie) I am going to BABYSIT in MESA!!! Well Cooper seems to like Sunbeams. And every week we go pick up Kira they say "She is so good" and I think it figures because she is quite the drama queen at home. Well I did something that wasn't exactly wise, but then again who said pregnant mothers are wise-this one is definately not wise. Maybe more like sporatic, crazy and completely non-coherant in most ways. I went to cut my bangs and I put the scissors away and I decided to trim my hair up in the back only it got much shorter than I anticipated. Well I never finished, my mother talked me into putting the scissors down and walking away. So it is completely uneven and I cut it about two weeks ago. The top doesn't even fit in a ponytail so I have to use bobbypins. I guess you could say "Here's your sign."
Peace Out All Y'All

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Sara said...

Jen, your hair is amazing. I hope you're going to post more often now, because we like to see [ics of your little family!