Thursday, June 19, 2008


Every time Kira would open a present she would try and give it to someone else (normally who ever she was saying 'Thank you' to) it was kind of sad but very sweet and cute.

The little princess had tonz of fun once she realized these presents were actually hers.




So Kira had her birthday last week. She is two and although she is a real emotional replica of her mother she is the sweetest most sensative little sweetie. I can't believe she is already two but I'm also greatful since we've got number 3 headed our way-very soon. She is very spoiled by her parents and she has her Daddy locked around her little self.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

California pics - Finally!

Please ignore the randomness-I have had it with my computer=) ~smile with lot's of sarcasm.

Riding on the
train around the
park was a
blast for us all.

It took some effort
to climb on
that horse!

Cooper and Daddy on the Matterhorn

Get em' Daddy! Ok, my turn.

Kira is happy as long as she can get dirty!

Oh Happy Day!

He is so excited to
Finally be playing
in the ocean.

He finally decides he loves the ocean!

Cooper is my Pro
frisbee player!

Reggie is trying to convince Cooper that it's
fun to ride the boogie board. I don't think it worked.

Monday, June 9, 2008


So I am finally updating my blog in like a month. We went to California for a whole week starting Memorial Day weekend. We had such a blast just hanging out with the family. It was the first time the whole Cluff family was able to be there for the whole week. Friday late morning we left and boy was that funny to drive through the snow on my way to the beach. We didn't arrive in Oceanside until around 10pm. It was altogether about a 12 hour trip to get there, but the kids were great between sleeping and being occupied by their great babysitter - The DVD Player. We made sure to stop several times for the kids and pregnant mommy.
The week flew by so fast and I was pretty exhausted the whole time but hangin out with every one at our beach house was a blast. Going down to play in the sand and ocean, or taking a dip in the spa, going out to eat all the time...we really tried to live it up. We have gone to Oceanside every year for several years and are really getting to know it. We know where to see a movie or out to eat, and this year we even found a mall. I love Steve and Barry's.
Normally I am like a fish in the water, but having a couple kids and feeling VERY pregnant and tired I only made it in the water once and my attempt at boogie boarding with my huge belly was pretty funny and didn't last long. My kids were both scared of the ocean and spent their time close to the rocks, playing in the sand. We went to a different beach one day to look for sand dollars and star fish and Cooper finally got in water - the time he is actually dressed in street clothes and not swim attire, but I was so excited he finally got in and he loved it.
Wednesday was our Disneyland day which was so short- only one day with little ones makes for a very different trip-it was such a blast to see them at Disneyland. Kira didn't like fantasy land too much because all the rides are dark so she was pretty scared, especially on Snow White. Cooper loved it all. Kira's favorite rides were the Carrousel and the little train. I was excited to go on Splash Mountain. They recommended I didn't but said I could-so I did. Reggie took Cooper on the Matterhorn since I was too big and Kira was too small. Cooper ended up loving that ride along with Peter Pan. Between the two kids I think their absolute favorite ride was Autopia, where they get to drive the little cars. With all the family there we did some rides together and split off some. It was probably the shortest Disneyland trip ever but by the end of the day we were all very tired.
My sister-in-law Katie announced that she is pregnant with # 4 and is due in December -Congrats Katie May. My mom, Karen, Katie, Marie and I left the kids with the Dads and went to see Indianna Jones. It was very nice of them and we girls had a fun night out. We girls also went out for ice cream one night, the guys really were good to us.
Instead of coming straight home from our trip we drove to Mesa where Reggie drove home and me and the kids drove to Pima for a funeral. My Grandma remarried about seven years ago to Melvin Johnson a really great guy, and he passed away while we were in California. I was really glad I was able to go and support my Grandma, but very happy to come home so we left Sat. at 7pm and I had to pull over and nap a couple times, we finally made it home at around 11pm.
What a great trip and it wouldn't have been possible with out my parents.
I'll try to post some pics asap.