Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The last few months Cooper has complained about headaches and within a 2-3 week period he got two migraines. I felt horrible. I get tonz of headaches but never migraines, but since my brother and my sister both get migraines really bad I figured he was just getting them at an early age. His doctor was VERY shocked when I told him and had me bring him in, he wanted to get a cat scan of his head. At first I thought no big deal but then I got worried thinking Cooper would flip out being strapped. At the advice of my sister I asked him if he wanted to ride a rocket. He was extatic! He could hardly sit still in the waiting room, the whole time grinning from ear to ear like this:
They told me if they found anything then they would let me know the next day other wise we wouldn't hear anything. Well two days later I got a phone call from his Dr. office, and boy did that scare me. They said he has Severe Sinusitus - yeah so we paid BIG $$$ to find out he has a really bad sinus infection. BUT I truly am grateful and know my prayers were answered because migraines would be REALLY bad. And something like a tumor which the Dr. said it could be, would be REALLY bad. So with some antibiodics we should have no more throwing up with torturous headaches.
Cooper and Kira found their new jungle gym atop the horse trailer. Kira does not have the best balance and with those boots - she really made me nervous.

Typical picture of Kira: making a mess with her food instead of eating it.

My handsome little Kyler-man.

Yes, that is a cloth diaper and yes he does wear them regularly. I first heard about cloth diapers from Melinda Shelley and my thought was "People still do that?!" Well I wanted to try it out on Kira because she was young, but that never happened. When I was young I would copy my cousin Sara in whatever she did and so now that she has her kids in cloth I just had to be like her=) I love cloth yet it drives me crazy all at the same time. I love that I am putting something pure on my babys bottom and that I -in a small way am not contributing to the land fills and it saves me money. The laundry part is not so fun, but cloth diapers aren't what they use to be. They have cloth diapers that go on just like a disposable and they are SUPER CUTE!

This picture is a regular cloth-nothing fancy, and it has no cover on, but I love the Blue snappi-instead of using pins.

My happy BABY!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Every Labor Day and 4th of July there is a huge gathering on Mt Graham. They have a pot luck dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday they have permission to do church. It is held outside and we are even able to take the Sacrament. It is an amazing experience. It seems like every year the clouds will threat with rain and occationally we will see some and this year the rain started immediately after church. It is an amazing place to be. I love Mt. Graham. My parents have a cabin up there, but this year we borrowed my Aunts cabin since there were too many of us to fit. We had a blast playing games. Kira got a little bit lost once and scared me really bad. Thank-you Katie for finding her. She was following Reggie after he left to go ride his horse.
On the way to Mt. Graham the kids were being really sweet with each other and I just had to get this picture of them holding hands.

Reggie has to bring his horse to Mt. Graham.

What a cuite pie.

The kids found a fort close by the cabin and decided to have a pine cone war with Reggie.

Kira and Landon on the propane tank. As a kid I have many memories of this tank-some of them being that I was too small to get on it.

Grandma with my kids it was fun to have my mom up there. My dad dropped her off and then he went back down the Mt.

Cooper LOVES his baby brother!

Our first family picture with Kyler.


The kids both had a blast shooting the gun last week.

I just loved this picture of Cooper and Kira.

3 Kids in the Backseat! Whoa!

It seems like Kira's hair is finally long enough to play with.

What a big boy!

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have never worked my butt off so much in my life only to get more and more behind everyday. I have kept a pretty good attitude and I am trying to live by my new motto: LET IT GO - AND - GO WITH THE FLOW. I went visiting teaching right before I had Kyler and the two ladies there who each have many children were talking about how they used to fold socks and you just can't do that, the one lady said you have to have one box of boy socks and one box of girl socks and you just throw them in. Pretty funny huh! Yeah that is what I am thinking now-funny. I am trying to think of every way possible to get things done quicker, and be more organized. I have never NOT cooked so much in my married life. I never cleaned more in my life-and I never had such a messy house in my life. My whole life whether I like it or not is my Family-Thank heavens I like it. I feel like my poor husband and all three of my kids are each hanging by ropes tied onto me while I in the meantime am hanging by a thread from nothing. But the truth of the matter is that I have been getting a little off coarse and need to direct myself back to: LET IT GO - AND - GO WITH THE FLOW. There are little things that are important in life and little things that are not and I MUST stop paying so much attention to the silly things and just enjoy life. For those of you out there that stress over the little things-don't-that way I don't feel like the only crazy one. After all you have to be crazy to be a mother right?=)