Friday, September 19, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Every Labor Day and 4th of July there is a huge gathering on Mt Graham. They have a pot luck dinner on Saturday night and on Sunday they have permission to do church. It is held outside and we are even able to take the Sacrament. It is an amazing experience. It seems like every year the clouds will threat with rain and occationally we will see some and this year the rain started immediately after church. It is an amazing place to be. I love Mt. Graham. My parents have a cabin up there, but this year we borrowed my Aunts cabin since there were too many of us to fit. We had a blast playing games. Kira got a little bit lost once and scared me really bad. Thank-you Katie for finding her. She was following Reggie after he left to go ride his horse.
On the way to Mt. Graham the kids were being really sweet with each other and I just had to get this picture of them holding hands.

Reggie has to bring his horse to Mt. Graham.

What a cuite pie.

The kids found a fort close by the cabin and decided to have a pine cone war with Reggie.

Kira and Landon on the propane tank. As a kid I have many memories of this tank-some of them being that I was too small to get on it.

Grandma with my kids it was fun to have my mom up there. My dad dropped her off and then he went back down the Mt.

Cooper LOVES his baby brother!

Our first family picture with Kyler.


*Katie May* said...

Lots of cute pics! :) tHAT WAS A FUN WEEKEND :)

cluffgirl said...

Way cute pictures, Kyler looks so big! That was a fun weekend, good memories :)

Mela said...

oh my gosh! we were supposed to be there for church on Sunday but didn't make it. We did make it to Turkey Flat though for lunch with my cousins.

david said...

hi you guys....teatea teia.

wow how time gets away. I remember yall telling me you were gonna have another lil one and now he is almost as old as me!!!! Reg..I miss you brother....I am so happy for you guys and I wish you all the blessings that the heavens can offer. I dont have a blogspot but since I have been here in Iraq I have made some movies of the last few years.....I hope yall have time to check em out. it is at

teatea signing out. ka kite e kia manuia.

Tyler and Hillary said...

Hi! What cute pictures! I just started a blog for tyler and I so you will have to check it out!

ginger said...

hey i love all the pics. esp the ones of the kids holding hands! so are we crazy or what. it sounded like a "good" idea at the time :) but we are totally excited & b keeps asking me if i really am! she can't believe it, and zac says he's naming "them" sam & max!! there better only be one :) hope things are going better for you guys.