Sunday, March 29, 2009

All about Kyler!

Kyler is my little sweetheart! He is so tender and sweet!
Feb. 27th
Kyler is happy wherever he is!
Feb 28

Kyler loves to drool.
Feb 28

Kyler is trying to climb right on out of his bouncy seat-which he thinks is funny.
March 7

Kyler loves to be loved. Kyler loves to love you. He loves to hug you and kiss you.
March 10

Kyler is a tease. When Mommy changes his diaper-he always rolls over, giggles and tries to get away-he thinks it is so funny.
March 10

I realize this hat may be a little small-I didn't realize it until I took a few pics.
March 10

Kyler love to be happy. Kyler makes everybody around him happy.
-unless he's grumpy :(
march 10

Kyler started army crawling a couple weeks ago. He drags himself around everywhere. A couple days ago he started going from laying on the floor to sitting up all be himself (He learned that one in the middle of the night-lucky for me, he only did it once)
March 10

Kyler is a snuggle bug. Kyler is sensative.
March 10

I seriously think that Kyler has had a cold about 50% of his life. Two weeks on-two weeks off-on-off...
March 10

Kyler is a giggle box. Kyler loves everybody in his family very very much! Mommy, Daddy, Cooper & Kira are very special to get Kylers love.
March 10

Kyler has two teeth. Kyler is 8 months old. I love Kyler.
March 10

There is nothing amazing or more precious than the miracle of life in us all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Need Help!!

Please give me some ideas about allergy med. Reggie has Allergies really bad and every year he gets an allergy shot. He got his shot just less than two months ago and when I called to get him another one they said he can't have it until 3 months after his last shot. (but they said if he is really bad in the next week to go in next week until he is at least two months past. Well he is so miserable with his allergies and I swear he uses one box of kleenex in like two days. Please give me some ideas. He is taking something simalar to Claritin and thinks it is giving him spots and he takes allergy 10. We recently heard of somebody taking 1 tablespoon of local honey twice a day, but I can't seem to find local honey. Please give me some ideas for poor Reggie.

Thanks bunches!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Picture overload!

A couple months ago: Cooper dumped this ENTIR bottle of shampoo over Kira while standing in the bathroom.

After slipping and hitting her head and then much sreaming until all soap was out of her little eyes she was smiling again.

OK-ya think my daughter needed a haircut?!

Well she wasn't so sure-but it looks WAY better!

This was a couple months ago when we went to the valley(I know I'm slow)

These next 3 pictures were while we were watching my brother Brendan playing like a little boy with his rocket. They loved it!

This is how Reggie usually looks when feeding Kyler-out cold!
Kyler thought it was funny!

I hope she didn't learn how to do her makeup from her mommy!

This slide in the back of parents house has many childhood memories...

Cooper had a blast

My brother and his friends would have pecan wars with me and my friends. Since we were girls we always thought we deserved the upper ground-not to mention we were younger. So we would get on the tree fort-which is at the top of this slide and the boys would be down on the ground and the pecan throwing would commence!

This is the reason we were in Pima-Reggie was javelina hunting. This is a picture of him butchering it. YUM! Aren't you lucky you don't live at my house to eat such yummy food!

This picture of my Mom and Kyler is so cute-I LOVE my MOM-she is the BEST!

Well there it is - all these pictures don't even include the last month so I'll probably be posting again soon if I actually have time:)

Secret Something!

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