Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The last few months Cooper has complained about headaches and within a 2-3 week period he got two migraines. I felt horrible. I get tonz of headaches but never migraines, but since my brother and my sister both get migraines really bad I figured he was just getting them at an early age. His doctor was VERY shocked when I told him and had me bring him in, he wanted to get a cat scan of his head. At first I thought no big deal but then I got worried thinking Cooper would flip out being strapped. At the advice of my sister I asked him if he wanted to ride a rocket. He was extatic! He could hardly sit still in the waiting room, the whole time grinning from ear to ear like this:
They told me if they found anything then they would let me know the next day other wise we wouldn't hear anything. Well two days later I got a phone call from his Dr. office, and boy did that scare me. They said he has Severe Sinusitus - yeah so we paid BIG $$$ to find out he has a really bad sinus infection. BUT I truly am grateful and know my prayers were answered because migraines would be REALLY bad. And something like a tumor which the Dr. said it could be, would be REALLY bad. So with some antibiodics we should have no more throwing up with torturous headaches.
Cooper and Kira found their new jungle gym atop the horse trailer. Kira does not have the best balance and with those boots - she really made me nervous.

Typical picture of Kira: making a mess with her food instead of eating it.

My handsome little Kyler-man.

Yes, that is a cloth diaper and yes he does wear them regularly. I first heard about cloth diapers from Melinda Shelley and my thought was "People still do that?!" Well I wanted to try it out on Kira because she was young, but that never happened. When I was young I would copy my cousin Sara in whatever she did and so now that she has her kids in cloth I just had to be like her=) I love cloth yet it drives me crazy all at the same time. I love that I am putting something pure on my babys bottom and that I -in a small way am not contributing to the land fills and it saves me money. The laundry part is not so fun, but cloth diapers aren't what they use to be. They have cloth diapers that go on just like a disposable and they are SUPER CUTE!

This picture is a regular cloth-nothing fancy, and it has no cover on, but I love the Blue snappi-instead of using pins.

My happy BABY!


melinda said...

WOW! I am SOO excited you are using cloth! I am so proud of you! I haven't had a kid in diapers in over a year and a half and I miss it! It is nice to do something good for your baby, the environment and the finances isn't it? Hooray for cloth! (And, yes, I do realize I am a little bit over the top excited about the topic;))

And, I am SOOO glad it ended up being nothing major with Cooper! I was freakin' out reading your post! Glad good news came from the "rocket ride"!

*Katie May* said...

Once again glad everything is fine with cooper! Kira would scare me up there too :) Super cute pics of the little guy! He's getting so old!

Sara said...

Poor little Cooper! I'm glad he was able to enjoy it though! I hope I never need to use that "rocket" story, but it's a good one! :) I'm glad cloth is still working for you. I find myself getting lazy and forgetting to wash, but at least I'm still doing it about 75% of the time. :)

Jared and Heather said...

I can't believe how big that little baby of yours is getting -- what a CUTIE!! And what an awesome idea telling Cooper it was a rocket!! I love that... Glad he's okay!

ginger said...

k i'm cracking up seeing Kira & her food on her face! and cloth diapers. woman. the saving money sounds nice:)

and cooper's rocket ride! that'll be something he can tell friends that he did & they'd think he was sooo cool!