Friday, October 17, 2008


Coopers blessing picture.
Cooper at about 16 mo old.

Coopers birthday was yesterday on Oct 16th

Cooper w/ his preschool friends(there is one more boy who wasn't there today) He loves preschool. We switch houses every week and we each take a letter, shape, social lesson, etc. We weren't suppose to meet at my house this week but things came up for others so I did it and we sang Happy Birthday and had some cupcakes for Coopers birthday. In this picture the numbers are even - 3 blondes and 3 redheads

Me and my sweet little ones.

I am glad I got a HAPPY picture of Cooper - he is so often closing his eyes when he smiles for pictures nowadays.

See- eyes closed-big cheesy grin.

Cooper has been so excited for a long time about turning 4. Now that it's here, this is what he tells me birthday morning: "Mommy I just want to be 3" Mommy says "but 4 is big and 3 is little" Cooper in a sad voice: "I just want to be little and be 3" Poor kid-he's just like everybody else-wants what he can't have.

Happy Birthday to my little Man.


cluffgirl said...

cute pictures! I hope Cooper had a great birthday, I cant believe he is 4! 4 is so old!

Sara said...

I can't believe how big he's getting. And I love that blessing picture - such an adorable little guy!

*Katie May* said...

Sorry we missed his b-day. We were coming home from Eagar and Landon had a stomach bug that he passed to me today :S

Stephanie Clites said...

He was soooo cute as a baby! He sure has a lot of ladies to choose from in his preschool class :)

ginger said...

hey woman! i can't believe he's 4!! it goes by so fast. my kids new thing is when are they gonna be 8 so they can go hunting with dad (we'll see about that one) and get baptized like so many of their cousins have lately. they just can't stand being little sometimes & then others they just want to be little so they don't have to help clean up :)