Wednesday, February 6, 2008


If you just started reading my blog for the first time you may want to start from the bottom and read up - it will be less confusing that way.

Ok, back to Reg's journal entry:

I hung out at her place for most of the night. Until we went and visited Shirine at her place and played some pool.

I know, I know he's ssooo descriptive. I wish I remember a little better those days, but at least I know what we did only thanks to Reggie keeping a journal. Shirine lived with her sister and they had a really nice house. I remember she cut his hair one of the times we were there, and while she was cutting his hair we were watching some show on T.V. They were showing some lady with a talent for licking people's eyeballs clean. It was and is so disgusting. People would come from far just to have her lick their eye clean.

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