Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lesson Learned

So I went to get Kira out of bed on Mon or Tues and stubbed my toe. I really thought I broke it, but yester day it felt a lot better. My second toe is bruised from the top of my toe for about four inches down onto my foot.

Kira sits on the toilet about once or twice everyday for several minutes but has yet to go potty. She has been doing this for a couple of weeks. She thinks it's pretty cool. The same day a stubbed my toe, Kira decided that she had to go poop - only she didn't decide this until right after she was off the toilet. I am sure you can imagine. I was only gone about one or two minutes finding a diaper for the little toad. When I came back she was squating on my bedroom floor. I gave a quick scream of "NNOOO" and hauled her into the bathtub and in the bathroom on the floor was another 'pile'. The bummer part is that it was hard in the bathroom on the tile and soft on the carpet, which was tons of fun to clean up. Like I hadn't learned my lesson enough, as soon as she got off the toilet yesterday she went and pee'd on my closet floor, and I was pretty much right behind her all along. All the while Cooper pee's his pants about 2-3 times a day and yesterday he only made it to the toilet once. But I will NOT give up. It's too much work to start again. hopefully if all goes well my kids will be potty-trained(daytime) before the baby. Cooper will but we'll see about Kira.


*Katie May* said...

I need to talk to you about the whole potty traing thing not that you have to listen or take my advice!! :)

Sara said...

So fun to see you this weekend!! I love that you're blogging more now, so I get to read your funny stories and be glad they're not happening to me (yet). :)