Monday, February 4, 2008


Well it is totally snowing outside. We have about a few inches on everything. So here is my open invitation for anyone to come up and visit us. Well back to Reggies journal Entry for Mon Feb 4 2002. Uh-oh I forgot to call Brian yesterday and wish him a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

I went to pick up Jen and bring her to my ward FHE, but she was late, so we sat on the couch and had our own FHE.

I know, I know what a shock that Jen was late to something. It's a good thing I'm always on time now - j/k - maybe someday soon I will be on-time. I remember having that Family Home Evening with Reggie and thinking how awesome it was to have somebody so good around and share the spirit in our FHE.


Sara said...

Enjoying this one-sided journal thing. :) I should send you what -I- have on the matter, too. :)

Vida said...

Great work.