Friday, February 15, 2008


So I bet you thought that was it for Reggie's journal, but he actually has two more and that's it. Sorry I was slacking - been a crazy week.

Wed, Feb 13th:

I was a wreck all day at work. I decided that I was going to ask Jenny to Marry me. So I got a dozen roses and had Brian Reed make me a metal rose and bend a horseshoe nail into a ring. I gave her the dozen roses right when I got to her place for an early Valentines at 9:00pm. Later that night at 12:15am (I waited for Valentine's Day early morning) I gave her the metal rose symbolizing that it would last forever. Then I asked her to marry me and she said "of course". I then gave her the ring.

Funny huh - This is what he actually said, "Do you remember the roses I gave you earlier, well they are going to wilt and die, but like this rose my love for you will last forever. Will you marry me?"

Thurs, Feb 14th:

So I proposed this morning! Two weeks from when I first really talked to her. The Lord sure moves fast. When something is right, its right, and we're not supposed to wait around on the feeling.

Well that's it for the journal episodes. And Reggie has yet to write in his journal since that day. Happy Late Valentines Day Everyone.


*Katie May* said...

Every time you tell me what he said about the roses it gives me goosebumps

cluffgirl said...

that is so sweet! i love stories of how the guys propose. You have a REALLY great one! I love it!