Wednesday, November 3, 2010

School kids! Aug 10th & 11th

Kira started preschool on Tuesday...
Kira has Preschool on Tues and Thurs from 12pm-2pm and she loves it!

Cooper started Kindergarten on Wednesday, the day after Kira. He rides the bus(which I wish he didn't but oh well) @ 11am, his school starts at 11:35am and he is done at 2:15pm when I pick him up.

At Kindergarten orientation Cooper was playing with the wheel on the hamster cage. He spun it until it flipped off and rolled on the ground. It scared him SO bad, and I'm sure he thought he was in so much trouble because he looked terrified(probably mostly embarrassment) and just grabbed my leg and burried his face. It broke my heart and I just wanted to cry for him. He was crying softly and said "I wanna go home!" "Let's go!" He calmed down and forgot all about it within just 5 minutes. I was sure that this school year was going to be very long, but instead he has gone to school just fine and loves it. He has had his moments and sometimes just wants to be with Mommy at home all day(that happened about 2 different times-after very long days), but he just needs a little extra sleep. He has been a little whiny lately and I have been terrible about getting him to bed early. He is such a great kid and loves his Teacher- Mrs. Tanner.

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