Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween! Oct. 30th

A little bit of pumpkin carving and painting that Cooper has been BEGGING us to do!

Someday Reggie and I will stop embarrassing ourselves at our ward trunk n' treat. We are of a small handfull of people who dress up, and it's not like either one of us are outgoing at all so I think we really surprise people. I actually had a wig too but it was getting in my food so I ripped it off(Reggie was VERY jealous). Every year I pretend like I know Reggie will dress up but I doubt it every year. He always surprises me!!

Cooper was all ready to be a cowboy until the day before halloween somebody told him "You don't want to be a cowboy, you're a cowboy every day." Thanks alot Nate! I'm just kidding- it is pretty funny but only because we had a back up costume (Sorry I haven't given it back yet KT) Well anyway, Cooper changed his mind Sat. afternoon :) So Cooper was Peter Pan, Kira was not just your ordinary witch, she was a Rockin' Star Witch!! Kyler was a clown(we probably should have let him dress up also ;). And my little Lacee Lou was a Bunny!



Sara said...

Super cute little (mostly) redheads... I'm lucky that we haven't had too many opinions on Halloween costumes yet. Though Jaina did NOT want to wear the hood/head of her Carebear until I told her there would absolutely be no candy if she didn't. I'm kind of a mean mommy right now. After all the trunk-or-treating (and candy) she didn't want to take it off though... Probably it would wish every day...

Praveen Kumar said...

Seems u all enjoyed a lot....Nice one