Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Fun!

One of our recent camping trips...

Just going out shooting...

What good is a puddle unless you're IN IT!!

This is a little tiny picture of Mothers and Daughters.

We don't usually hear about activities going on in town or we forget, but the firehouse was having some hot dogs and fun (which Cooper absolutely INSISTED we go to). When he learned of it at school, I honestly don't think he thought there was option involved-WE were going!

Cooper practicing putting out fires, haha it's a good thing he's learning to put them out instead of start them!;) After all it's in his genes! Sorry Brian(I guess Brendan also).

Kira too!

Kyler in the fire truck, wanting me to close the door.

The helicopter-a definite favorite for all!

Lacee has all the fun :)

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