Monday, November 8, 2010

Reg's hunt!

Reggie went deer hunting in Oct.
This pic is the tarantula he saw while out and about. I'm sorry I wasn't there to hear him squeal like a school girl. He HATES spiders. When we first got married I had to kill the spiders. But I'm a mean wife and eventually told him to just get over it and he now does the job.

Although he isn't a creepy crawly lover, he does love the outdoors. He just got this deer while out hunting and he will usually just butcher it and freeze it, and it's a main source of food around here, but this time we turned a LOT of it into jerky and it is delish! He's now ready to take all our game meat out of the freezer and jerky it up! Yeah for me! I love BEEF! Not to mention our freezer is busting at the seems! Even Kira who literally takes about 10 min to chew a tiny piece of meat gobbled up a piece of jerky in no time(at least we now know it's possible).

Good job Honey! And thank heavens your done!(At least for this year)

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Sara said...

That's awesome that Kira will at least eat jerky. I'm glad some good came of the hunting! :)