Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Cooper! Oct 16th

For Coopers Birthday, we gave him a choice-either we go camping or we just a little birthday at home where G & G Reed come over. And he said he wanted his party at G & G Reeds, well that was not one of the choices, but what the heck-it's not my b-day. Well he also wanted Grandma Reed to help him make his cake. Wow, talk about me getting off easy. I don't have to clean my house or make a cake!! I'm so spoiled!

Uncle Wade with Lacee.

Kyler man really wanting that thing to GO!

Wade is such an awesome uncle! My kids LOVE him!

Reggie get's the fun job...

This is our fun little water balloon fight with Reg's family...

You are an awesome big brother to your siblings! You have such a BIG heart! And I love how much you look up to your Daddy, I hope you always do. Keep livin' life with that adorable -sorry-Handsome smile of yours!
And I can't believe you are 6!!!!

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*Katie May* said...

Wow tahts crazy you just said he is 6! That seems so old! Glad he had a great day!