Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

He started out so small! He was my smallest baby(by 4 ounces).
I had to call the hospital after we left because I still wasn't sure about his middle name.
I don't think he cried more than one time the entire hospital stay.
My little Kyler Leo...
He looked so skinny and small...

he grew to be one of my chubbier babies
...and now
here he is in all his sweetness

...still wearing cloth diapers

...and SO DANG CUTE!
I can't get the pictures off of my new memory card(I am not so skilled at the computer)
So Kylers birthday pictures will remain in my camera until I figure it out.
I can't believe my little boy is ONE today.
Kyler said his first word a few weeks ago-it was 'bye' and so cute. He would say 'baa' and then start waving all by himself.
Today he started clapping for the first time, and I swear he said amen after the prayer.
He is so funny.
He can be screaming mad and waiting on his food but when we bless it-EVERY time we say the blessing he is completely quiet and still until the prayer is over.
He is the biggest tease ever!
and he is such a flirt-At the rodeo last weekend for Pioneer Days, this girl sat behind us and she kept talking to Kyler and Kyler would get super goofy and smile and talk and then he would bury his face in my chest and hide and be shy and then he would do it all over again.
Kyler has made everyone around him very glad to know him and we are very special to be a part of his family.
Happy Birthday Kyler-I Love You!!


*Katie May* said...

Happy B-day Kyler! We ARE very glad to know you :) You are such a sweetie! Jeniffer you still want to watch my kids? Call me I need to brain storm with you. :)

Burdett Family said...

How cut happy birthday

Hallie said...

I can't believe he is already a year old! He is too cute. Happy Birthday Kyler!!

Summers Family said...

Wow... Happy Birthday! How cute!

Andy and Michele said...

Wow, time flies! He is such a cutie too. Way to be a good mom and use cloth diapers! You are amazing. Missed you guys on the mountian on the 4th! Glad you're doing good though.

Jason and Emily Gardner said...

oh my goodness! Can't believe he's already 1! The last I remember him...he was still in your tummy.

hartley said...

wow i can't believe it has been a year already! that's crazy! and we still haven't gotten our kids together to play... haha. i am so bad at remembering to do things like that.
i am supposed to be induced at the end of this week but hopefully in a few weeks we can get together. :)