Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyler and Pioneer Day!

Lucky little Kyler kid gets to have a parade and fireworks for his Birthday!

Kira was very sweet about sharing her sucker, she even went to the group of people(whom we didn't know) and offered to share her sucker with another little girl. (I did stop her:)

Kyler turned 2 yrs old on Pioneer Day and had a great B-day!

We had a little fun with sparklers! Cooper was a little scared of them(haha poor kid)!

A little about Kyler:
Kyler has always been a VERY tender hearted little guy, but lately he's been pretty tough and he really likes to SCREEEEEAAM! He is my 3rd red headed temper filled child and then some! He LOVES LOVES LOVES his little baby sister! He in fact loves his whole family very much. He carries around his little green froggy and calls it baby(good thing he has his own baby or Lacee might never be rid of him). He calls Reggie "HI" and use to call Lacee "HI". What a goof-ball. I love this little boy, he is A+Awesome! I Love You Kyler!!!

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