Thursday, July 8, 2010

boy or girl...

We had an adorable baby GIRL last week!

This is the me that I don't really miss...the big, restless, tired and uncomfortable me.
This picture was taken 5 days after my due date and 2 days before having my little sweetheart.
Well I'll TRY to sum up the story...
I was never so done being pregnant in my life. When I had my other babies I was ready-but this time around-I was beyond ready. I was starting to get OVER emotional BEFORE my due date even came around. I was trying not to be induced but knew I couldn't go on forever. The day before my due date I was really hoping for some change or progress of some kind, and when my Dr. checked and there was NOTHING, I went into a short depression and left the Dr. office in tears(what a ball baby I am ). I had to go in to do a stress test every three days after the due date (talk about stressful). Well finally, 6 days after my due date I surrendered and they put me on the schedule for the next morning at the hospital to be induced.
Monday night: drop kids off with G & G Reed
Tuesday morning: arrive at hospital at 7am (or maybe a little after)
approximate times...
8-9am: I get antibiotics-yeah for penicillin!-(or NOT)
9-10am: I get the pit-yeah for pitocin!-(again-or NOT)
10am-12pm: Contractions are getting more intense :) (or NOT)p.s.-I am a BIG baby with pain.
12:30pm: Waiting for my Dr. to come and break my water because THEN I get the HAPPY MEDICINE-aka the epidural.
1-1:30pm: Me really wanting the epidural and still no Dr., so-they got me my epidural.
1:30-2pm: Dr. broke my water
2:30-3pm: ME: "Nurse could you check me please, I feel some pressure"
Nurse: "I better call your Dr. and tell him that by the time he gets here we'll be having a baby"
about 3pm: Dr. comes and says something funny. I laughed. Dr. joked about laughing the baby out. I laughed more. It was time to push and my Dr. said laugh. I laughed. He said stop. I laughed more. Remember: I had HAPPY MEDICINE
3:09pm: Little baby girl is born. I laughed my daughter into this world-kinda funny.

We named her after my mom. My moms name is Robin. Reggie and I both agreed how great it would be to name her after someone she'll know, not to mention naming her after someone so great. My mother is a Saint, she is amazing. We are calling her by her middle name.

Robin Lacee
She needed a little oxygen when she was born, nothing major. That tube with the green end is just helping her out with some oxygen.

Reggie called to tell the kids if it was a boy or girl and Kira told Reggie over the phone that it was a girl! She knew it! She is very excited to have a little sister. Kyler loves the little baby but doesn't seem to concern himself too much with her. Cooper is probably the most excited little boy ever. He could hardly wait to see her in the hospital, and he just lit up. The kids can't seem to remember her name yet and I call her cutie pie or sweetie pie sometimes and today Cooper said "Where's cutie-pie?" as if it's her name. It was pretty adorable. Kira calls her "my baby sister" and Kyler says "Baby". All 3 of them think that thing on her belly is REALLY gross.

Sweet dreams sweetie-pie!

Well she was my biggest baby weighing in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. And she was the 4th baby in this family to be born at 21 inches. But she was definitely the first baby with out red hair. I don't think you can see the hair color in these pictures, but she has BLACK hair. That totally threw me for a loop, but I LOVE it! Her black hair is gorgeous, and I'm not sure if it will fall out and grow in blonde or if it will stay black, but either way I'm pretty sure she won't be a red-head. Cooper was the only one who guessed she would have black hair. Well thats the story, I said I would TRY and sum it up not that I actually would :)


Emily Gardner said...

Oh my goodness Jen, she is SO cute! I think cutie pie is a great name for her (: And I love that you named her after your mother, I'm pretty sure she's one of the sweetest people on earth. It'll be so fun to see what color her hair ends up being. Hope you get some sleep and enjoy your little (actually I guess it's pretty big now) family! (:

melinda said...

Congrats!! She is beautiful and I love the black hair! Hope all is going well!

Hallie said...

Oh I'm so glad she is here! She is adorable!! How funny that you ended up "laughing" her into the world especially when you were overdue! :) Lacee is one of my favorite names. Congrats Jen & Reggie!

Melis said...

Oh Jen! Great story. A lot happier than my last story. She is absolutely adorable! When your MIL told me she had black hair, I didn't believe her :) Are you SURE they didn't switch babies at birth? Haha. I love your pics and the name. So glad you made it through.

*Katie May* said...

I LOVE the pics!!! The last 2 are so dang cute it not even funny!

Burdett Family said...

congrats. She is so cute. I love her name. Even though her hair isn't red she looks just like the rest of the family.

Summers Family said...

YAY!!! How exciting for you to have 2 girls now! I hope that you are enjoying being a mom of FOUR!!!!!

♥Hawkins Family♥ said...

awwwwwww CONGRATS JEN!!! She is a cutie. Love the name she has a wonderful namesake. Hope everything is going good!

cluffgirl said...

Oh Jennifer! She is just ADORABLE! And I love the name Lacey (and Robin of course!). Thanks for letting us stay the night, I'm sure you were so completely overwhelmed! Can't wait till we get to see you guy's again,

Jacob said...

We loved seeing the pictures of your beautiful baby girl!!!!!
We miss and love you guys!!!!

Kristen and Jake

Andy and Michele said...

CONGRATS!!!! That is so fun! I can't wait to get to the hospital and see what our little one is. Did you like doing the whole surprise thing? I'm loving it right now. You are such a trooper. I've always said I'd never be induced, but I've never even gone to my due date let alone over. That is such a cute name, and her black hair! Marie told me about that. So fun! I'm so happy for you guys!

Heidi said...

She is adorable Jen. I looked at her picture & could immediately see you, she definitely has your face. That is very neat that you named her after your mom. I bet she feels honored. It is awful being induced. Petocin is the pits! Glad you are and the little one are doing well though. Congratulations to you & your whole family!

Sopha said...

She is a pretty little girl-congrats! cant wait for all these little girls grow up and be friends!

Kannan said...

Good post.

Maria Miranda said...

Congratulations for your sweet little girl :)
God bless her :)

The Rowley Family said...

I haven't been on the internet in forever. CONGRATS!! So happy for you

Mela said...

So sweet and beautiful! Congrats!

Sara said...

I think you should update your blog again. And I super think you should come down and visit one of these days. I know it isn't easy though... :)

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