Monday, January 18, 2010

A Merry little December!

This picture actually belongs at the bottom of this post but when I was typing I realized it was gone-and it just HAS to be on here.
This is a picture of Cooper and his cousin Gaige. They had a blast being pulled by the quad.
These two youngsters are gonna be some trouble makers when they are older. Hopefully sweet ones though. :)

My kids were so excited to sit on Santa's lap. Cooper was especially excited about Santa.
Kira wondered around and would NOT wait in line. She is just so busy that after about 30seconds of waiting in line she just can't do it any longer. I think I got her to stand in line about 10 different times (not joking) before I finally gave up and decided we would pretty much be the last ones to leave the building. So she was one of the last ones to sit on Santa's lap, but she loved every bit of it.

Kyler also wanted nothing to do with sitting still and didn't have ANY desire to sit with Santa.
This is our attempt to a family picture. The first set was all very blurry and out of the second set Cooper was sticking his tongue up in the air on every single picture except this one.
This was a practice shot by Reggie while I was still getting ready since it was right before church. I love it-very funny!
This is our Christmas Eve party at Reggie's parents house. We always do a white elephant gift exchange with the Reeds and Grandma gave the kids their gifts also. They were very excited.
Kyler is probably in love with his toy more than anybody else. I have never seen any of my children take to soft things as much as this little guy has taken to this froggy and another soft blanket we have. But this froggy has got to be his favorite thing that he takes to bed and wants it when he gets up, it's too cute!
It was love at first froggy!
Here is the start of our Christmas. This is definitely Kylers favorite toy. We couldn't even get him to hardly open anything else. We finally just took one of the toys and decided to wait until his birthday to bring it back out.
Kira loves to work with her hands and loves to be a little artist so this easel with dry erase and chalk board is perfect for her!
Cooper has been wanting a remote control truck for a very long time. He was very excited to see that Santa brought him one this Christmas.
The one awesome thing about Christmas with other siblings is that you get (in our case) 3 times the toys. They are having a blast playing with each others toys!
Kira in her new tent practicing brushing her teeth with her new Dora toothbrush.
Christmas so much fun this year and also very busy! Christmas morning after opening some presents and snacking on some yummy Christmas breads. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Reeds house for breakfast, if that is what you want to call it. We ate after 11am that morning. But it was delicious. After eating we raced home to pack and then drove to Pima to spend some Christmas time with my family. We had a really fun and exhausting weekend. I never went to sleep before 1am or later. Christmas night we opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa Cluff for the kids and the grand kids. It was very exciting!

The next day the family was going up the West end of Mt. Graham for some fun in the snow. I wasn't going to go because I figured it would be too much work with the little ones, so I told my brother that I would go if Mom and Dad went. Well I knew my parents weren't going. Hahaha-They DID go. Yeah, I couldn't believe they talked my Dad into going. He probably went because if me and my kids stayed, he wouldn't have peace :) Sorry Dad. Well I was glad I went because we were all able to go(it's not very often that the boys invite the girls along to have some fun). Cooper is a little snow junkie and we bundled Kira up so she wouldn't have a reason to be grumpy.

That night we had yet another white elephant gift exchange that was fun and I was sad to see my sister leave because I hardly got to see her while we were there. But I loved the excitement of the weekend and now we're just back to our semi-busy/dull lives ;)

This is all Kyler wanted to do while playing in the snow, was ride the quad with Daddy.
Uncle Brendan took Kira down on the tube. What a nice uncle.
Grandpa was making sure everyone was comfortable. He is showing Cooper how to warm up his hands.
My niece, Eden took good care of Kira on the tube, while they were pulled behind the quad by Reggie. Kira would just close her eyes and lay there on Eden. So cute!
My MOTHER went down on the tube with Kira. Let me just say that I am very impressed. My Mom just wanted to be a kid again. You see the leaves they are coming up on in the picture. They actually hit it and crashed. Kind of funny since nobody got hurt:) Oh my sweet fun Mother. Kira loved it.
If Kyler wasn't crying to be on the quad then he was off walking in the snow. He was a pretty happy little sport while we were out in the snow.
I tell you what-this little boy is do dang adorable!
Ok-so one of the highlights of my weekend was that I got a new hair cute and some highlights! I was in dire need of a new do. It ended up SO cute. My SIL Marie is awesome. I won a free haircut by Marie when we were playing the white elephant game. I even stole it from my Mom(sorry Mom). Well anyway-I'm sorry I have no pics, I'll have to work on that one. Anywho-Thanks again Marie!


Sara said...

I loved your Christmas update! Such cute pictures, and it was fun to hear what you guys were up to. I think your family picture is really cute, even if it didn't quite work out. You and Reggie have really nice smiles! :) I can't believe your parents went to play in the snow. What a fun memory for all of you! Sad we didn't get to see you - miss you!

*Katie May* said...

Good times! Love all the pics, Love the one of Eden and Kira(Eden is getting so old and beautiful not that she wasn't before!)

Andy and Michele said...

That's a cute family picture! I love Kira's dress, so pretty. It looks like a wonderful Christmas! I am impressed with your mom sledding down the hill, that's awesome!

Mela said...

That is a great family picture of you guys. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Burdett Family said...

Fun your family picture is cute.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Keenan-Devlin

Patrick Keenan Devlin

Coleen said...

Wonderful blog you have! Your family is beautiful! For the record I liked your family pic!