Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kirana Manea!

Kira turned 3 yrs old last Sunday. I can't believe my little B is already 3!
Kira is
loaded with personality
RED HEADED(with the red headed attitude and all)
strong minded
big tease
green eyes
attitudicidal(did ya get that)
My mom always said Kira was like a little pixie and she reminds us all that she is just a little Tinkerbell *sweet with attitude.
Kira's name is Kirana(Hello) Manea(Beautiful). Reggie served a mission in the Cook Islands and spoke Mauri there and so she is Hello Beautiful!
Ok so Kira was potty trained almost completely-she finally went like a week with out having an accident. One hour before her birthday party-she pees. So there went her cute little Birthday outfit and bows. Right at 6:30 when Reg's family was going to be there - she pees again. There went another outfit. Oh my goodness I was running out of clothes for her. I guess it was too much excitement. We went to see my parents because of work Reggie had in Safford and the entire weekend I was cleaning up pee! Oh my gosh am I exhausted from that. We will be going again and I really hope I can remember to remind her so she doesn't have an accident on my parent new carpet again!
So my parents have recently acquired some really nice statues and their living room is filled with them-in the last year the room has been painted, re-carpeted, re-furnished and then some. Well leave it to B to now have all the grandkids banned from that room. She doesn't mean to do harm, she is just always going never stopping. She can't even sit still to eat. But I love her for it. I love my little energizer bunny! Without her energy it just wouldn't be B!
Just so everyone knows(she got the nickname B when she was born. Cooper couldn't say Kira or Baby-but B is short for baby. Well B just stuck and we call her that all the time even still)

More Tea please!-oh I mean Hot cocoa!
Kira loved her Tea set and the little table and chairs!
Wade is Reggie's brother and the kids' favorite person ever!
Kira was so sweet to let Cooper help her open all her presents!
She really is a sweetheart!
Lately she says "my name princess"
Kira's birthday party was the night before her birthday, but on her birthday we went to Pima so my parents got to see her on her birthday.
Kira-blowing out the candles on her Tinkerbell cake!
I love you Kira-every moment I think of you! You add so much sweetness to our family and just enough spunk! Life would be very dull without you! Happy Birthday my little princess!


♥Hawkins Family♥ said...

That is too funny that our little ones share the same bday!! It looks like she had a fun day.(except for the wetting her pants) Poor thing. Hopefully, she will get back on track soon. Happy birthday Kira:)

Summers Family said...

Happry Birthday Kira! She is so adorable! She looks just like her mommy... with red hair!I didn't realize that we had babies so close together!

Hallie said...

What a cutie!! Happy Birthday Kira!

Cindy G. Clites said...

What a pistol she is! I guess you couldn't expect much less (judging from the parents she has :o) hehehe I'm sure you and Reggie already know how lucky you are to have her! Enjoy these times to the maxx, cuz when you get older, you look back at them so fondly! REALLY!!!!

*Katie May* said...

that last pic says it all. I love the sweet little Stinker Bell I mean Tinker Bell!!! ;S

Craig and Elaine Burdett Family said...

How fun that tea party looks like fun. She is way cute love the tinkerbell cake.

Mela said...

She looks adorable! She is a cutie and I think she looks like you!