Monday, February 16, 2009

WIFE-gone crazy!

Well this is Kylers 6 mo. picture-taken about 3 weeks ago-I'm a little slow about posting lately! He weighed 14 lbs and I don't remember how long he was at his 6 mo. appointment.
Well things have been crazy-as always. We were in the valley a couple of weeks ago and we're getting ready to again.
We went to Walmart a couple of Saturday's ago, I had Kira and Kyler while Cooper was working with his Daddy. Reggie and Cooper showed up to help finish up (I didn't have enough room in the cart-a baby in a carseat and a squirmy little girl who wants to climb out doesn't leave much room for diapers, baby food and all the other stuff) I was a little out of control all morning so when we're checking out and the Cashier says to my children "You need to sit down ok" My childrens reply -nothing! Again the cashier says "You need to sit down - store policy" My kids still don't care and continue whinning at me and standing there becase they wanted out. Well the lady tells them again(never once to me -only to the kids) "You need to sit down or get out of the cart, I'm sorry." OH MY GOSH- I am getting upset thinking about it. I grabbed my kids ( making a small scene) and said "Did you hear the lady-she said you could get out!" I put them both down and said loudly-"I hope you don't get lost!!" I think she realized I was a little upset because she started talking really nice after that. Well Reggie grabbed the kids and put them right back in the cart-not caring a single bit what this lady said. (just for the record-I realize she was just doing her job and I probably shouldn't have been so bratty-but to a mother of small children-I was ON ONE!) Please don't tell MY children they need to out-especially when I said NO you can't get out! Well now comes me being me-emotional as always! I had forgotten about the dogfood on the bottom of the cart and the pants Reggie needed so I thought my cash was enough-but it wasn't I was so embarrassed when the lady told me the total and I was about $20 short! We are trying out a budget-it really stinks! I couldn't help it -the tears started to come-I was embarrassed and upset. I gave a couple things back to the lady - then she started talking REALLY NICE! We made it back out to the truck and I wanted to explode yet all I could do was let the tears fall.
OK-this is where you see what a terrible wife I am. My sweet husband spent the weekend cleaning the house and all I did was get upset. I appreciated it but when he cleans the house it makes me feel like a terrible wife for not having it done already. He will do laundry all the time-and everytime I just grit my teeth and think-'well if I had done that already he wouldn't have to.'
On a good note my family is great-and last week was a blast-making bows with the girls. And Our kids went to bed so early Thursday night we made it our date night and I made Reggie watch The Holiday with me. Then Friday as a bonus I babysat for someone who then had her daughter babysit so we could go to our Stake Valentines party. It was awesome. $10 a couple to get on board the cruise ship-they decorated the church like a cruise ship-they even took pics to email to us. Well the food was delicious, the entertainment was great, and the dancing (always my favorite part) was a blast with my sweet hubby! I can't believe we had 2 dates in two night-that's enough to last us 2 years!-j/k but pretty close!
Anywho-I hope everyone had a great heart-filled Valentines Day!
I'll hopefully post some pics pretty soon!


*Katie May* said...

I would be upset at the lady too even if it is her job. I am talking to you on the phone right now :)

Hallie said...

Oh don't you hate it when total strangers tell your kids what to do or tell you what to do with your kids? It drives me crazy! I would have been mad too. I'm the same way in situations like that, all I can do is cry!

melinda said...

OK, your post really struck a bone. I bit off the heads of 2 Wal-Mart ladies this past trip. One told Emma she couldn't stand on the end of the cart (on the outside, holding on), and then 5 minutes later another told Jacob he couldn't lay under the basket and had to be in the SEAT. Give me a break. I'm watching my own kids thanks. And, I feel I'm a pretty responsible, follow the rules kind of mom. I make my kids wear helmets to ride their tricyles, and you'll never see my kids in a car without a car seat/booster seat and a buckle but get real, a cart? I'm going what, 1-3 miles an hour and if he or she falls it's like 3 inches from the ground?? I seriously swore I'd never go back. (I go on Wal-Mart stikes for 4 mo. at a time every time I go there. URGG.

So anyway, now that I feel better letting that off my chest, sorry you had a bad day but don't feel too bad--we all go crazy once in a while;) And, lucky for us, husbands are understanding and seem to get over it fairly quick:)

Sara said...

Poor Jen! That sounds really frustrating! I'm sorry you had such a rotten time at Wal-mart!

Andy and Michele said...

Wal-mart is like the most hectic place to be, even without kids! I am so sorry, but just know it's not you or your kids, it happens to us all. It is so hard to keep up with everything, that's awesome that you have a husband that helps out, you just need to learn it's okay to accept help!:) You are a wonderful mom and wife and don't you ever forget it!

Cindy G. Clites said...

Guess what Jennifer...I'm going to drop a bombshell on you. When Reggie cleans the is GOOD for him and YOU DESERVE IT!!!!! Your job is THE hardest job in the world!!!! REALLY REALLY!!! So you deserve a break! He also NEEDS to do it, and you NEED to be very grateful to him, because he is looking for a meaningful way to please you! How sweet he is!!! Sometimes we get so caught up in giving to relieve and help others, that we forget others NEED to give to feel valued as well. Well, that's more than my two bits!

Heidi said...

Taking kids to Wal-Mart is the hardest thing in the world, especiallly when you are at the checkout stand. I don't blame you for being a little ticked at the lady, I probably would be a little upset too.
Don't feel bad that Reggie cleans the house. I think it gives these guys some perspective. But I totally understand how you feel. I had to go back to work & Gary is temporarily being a stay at home "Mr. Mom" & he is realizing now that it isn't as easy as it looks. But at the same time I still feel pretty useless like I'm not doing enough around the house even though I don't have time now that I am working.

Craig and Elaine Burdett Family said...

I totally feel you. he is getting so big and so cute.

hartley said...

I would be really upset about what happened at walmart too. That is ridiculous. :( Going to walmart is not even enjoyable when you are alone, and especially not when you have a cart full of hyper kids.

"makes me feel like a terrible wife for not having it done already" - I feel EXACTLY the same way! It's hard to show appreciation when you are just feeling like crap that your hubby had to do things you would have done... But we have to try not to be so hard on ourselves. :)