Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, we are alive. Sometimes I do wonder how. A couple of weeks ago we(me and the kids) went to Tucson for my niece Eden's 8th birthday. I was pretty exhausted from the day before when our washing machine flooded our bathroom closet and part of our bedroom. We had to clear out our closet and move our desk which is not small, and some other furniture. It was crazy and since it was about 6 or 7pm before we realized it and with no plans for dinner yet I thought Reg and I weren't going to eat for a long time. Reggie called his parent and they and Reggies brothers came over and helped us out. Margie went home and got their dinner and brought it back to share with us. What a blessing it was to have family close by to help and feed us. She brought Enchiladas - mmmmmmmm were they good. I am very lucky to have great in-laws.

Well our house is still in shambles but getting there. I should be working on it right now, but I thought I'd take a short break. It wouldn't be such an ordeal but I suppose I have some of my great-grandmothers blood, because I don't want anything back where it was. I love to move furniture-poor Reggie, especially while I'm pregnant and he gets stuck with most the moving. But I figure if we have to move it anyway - well what the heck why not re-arange. He still doesn't know that I am planning on moving the bed;) If you don't move furniture I totally suggest it because it is very refreshing.

Well I tried posting some pics but it's not working. Catch ya later.

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*Katie May* said...

I love to re-arrange too but my bed is a little tooooo BIG :(