Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Imagine giving birth to eight!

Our dog was in heat a couple months ago but we weren't sure if she was pregnant until a few weeks ago, and so for the past week or two we've been checking on her and watching her pretty close...
Yesterday morning when Reggie left for work he told me she was acting funny, so in the morning when I woke up(much later than Reggies 4:30 am) I went looking for her with no luck. I knew she was having her puppies, because she never leaves home. When I looked in her dish it still had food - yet another sign of having her puppies. The kids and I ate breakfast and drove around a little with no luck and since I didn't feel up to walking the creek with two little ones and a big belly, Reggie came home from work and helped. We never found her. But around 2pm she just showed up all bloody, skinny, and very thirsty-she had her puppies. Now where were they? And were they alive?

We found the puppies in the bottom of our neighbors chimney(all covered in ashes).
The birth was a success. And she is a great mother.
Here is a picture of the absolutely exhausted Missy after giving birth to eight!

Cooper told us they wanted their mommy. He calls the puppies little Missy's.

There are 4 males and 4 females. All are black except one chocolate female.


Sara said...

So much fun! Hopefully she didn't mind you moving them to a cleaner spot... :)

Melis said...

What mix are they? They look adorable. Congratulations to Missy.