Friday, May 11, 2012

What I did yesterday...

snip, snip, clip, clip, oh what a trippy trip
So a few weeks ago I decided to cut my hair.  I got out the trash can, wet my hair and pulled out the clipper box.  To my dissapoint there were NO scissors in the box.  Reggie bought new clippers when he moved up to Utah and I didn't come with scissors :(.  Well I decided that it was probably a good idea:).  Until...

I bought some NEW scissors :)  Well it has been a long week and I needed to feel like a woman again.  So without even thinking about it, I went from the shower directly to my brand new scissors.  I think it was partly due to an emotional breakdown that didn't totally come.  Anywho  I just started cutting without even knowing what I was doing.  I shed a few tears during the process thinking; what on earth am I doing.  Then a few laughs.  Kids screaming outside my door and the sound of the snip snip.  I am excited to say that I love it.  Being in Utah and very far away from my amazing stylist I was pretty nervous to find someone for my hair.  It isn't perfect (I am not Marie :)) but I did it and I am glad it is no longer driving me crazy.  This is not the first time I have done this, nor will it probably be the last.  But I am not always this lucky.  I have done a pretty bad job before :)


*Katie May* said...

Yah I remember the last bad hair cut that was pretty funny!!

Sara said...

Um, I think it's super super cute. How did you manage that? I should try that some day; I don't think I've ever been brave enough to cut more than a strand or two...

cluffgirl said...

way to go! It looks great! And I cannot reprimand you too much since I always cut my own hair too, since I was in high school! I do wish you were closer and I could cut your hair! Missing you guys!

ginger said...

Hey!!! I love the new hair cut! great job! I'm so glad you are all together in utah. i hope everything is going well. my kids just saw all your pics & said they want to go visit you guys!! :)

Andy and Michele said...

So cute, and you are so brave! There is NO WAY I'd ever attempt that, but go you!

Heidi said...

Wow! Sounds like you have had a crazy life lately. Gary & I did the being apart thing last summer & you're right, it's for the birds! Sounds like you have some pretty insightful kiddos to know that you all belong together. Moving is definitely hard especially when you have been in one place for so long & have created so many memories there. It is really hard to adapt. I had been in Safford my whole life until we moved up to Springerville last year. Big transition, so I wish you all the luck in the world. Your hair looks great! Wish I could do that good of a job myself. So, I'm not quite sure I understand... how come you guys left Snowflake?

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