Thursday, April 19, 2012

Choose the left when a choice...

'Choose the Right when a choice is placed before you'
So the other day I asked Kyler if he wanted to dry his hands on the towel on the left or the towel on the right. His reply: "Jesus doesn't want me to dry my hands with the left towel?" he asked me.
So cute. I LOVE this kid!!
I laughed so hard when I told Reggie what he said and of course he got SO mad. Poor kid hates when we laugh at him...even if he he had a cute embarrassed smile while yelling at us to stop. :)


Andy and Michele said...

They are so cute! Love the pics on the side. What a sweet boy!

Sara said...

Such a cutie! I can't believe how big they all look... I guess we'll see them again someday! :)