Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well I am sorry that I am not posting any pictures at this time but I am not exactly using my normal computer so I'll try to post some soon. I just wanted to jump on here and say how truly blessed I am. My life has been far from normal but it has been amazing to see daily miracles happening in my life. Reggie has been working in Utah for about a month. He found out about a job on February 13th and left on the 15th. He will be there till June or maybe longer. We were going to go when school got out but after him being gone only a short time we decided there is no point in being separated so me and the kids have been getting ready to go and we are ecstatic! Since I don't want to juggle my kids around schools I have decided to home school them the remainder of the year. I am actually super excited about it, and a little nervous. It is all a little much to take on and I couldn't do it without the heavenly help along the way. In the March Ensign the visiting teaching message talks about having your angels with you when you are keeping the commandments. I can truly attest to that. I am far from perfect but I know I am truly being blessed and there are angels around me every moment of every day as long as I am willing. Life this last month could have been harder if I would have let it but I chose to stay positive and even if I miss Reggie more than I can say, and life has been crazy, I know my Heavenly Father is blessing us everyday. Right now we are just SO busy getting ready to go. We leave in two days. I cant wait! 5 weeks is a long time to go without seeing my honey! I don't know how other people do it for longer :(
After a pretty rough first Sunday I was asking the kids about staying or going they wanted to be with Daddy but more specifically I want to share mine and Kira's conversation as I tucked her into bed that first Sunday night.
Kira: Mommy, are we lost?
Mommy: No, why?
Kira: Well, do you remember when we were at the store...I got lost...well you said we gotta stick together.
Kira: We need our family to be together so we are not lost.

Okay, wise child teaching Mommy a huge lesson! Who cares about the little things. Family needs to be together.

Well I should have already been to bed since I don't think my angels will help me in the morning if I keep them up late tonight :)

~Goodnight~ I will keep you posted when I can. UTAH----HERE WE COME!

And to my sweetheart--We miss you and Love you and can't wait to see you!


cluffgirl said...

You guy's are going to have so much fun and make so many great memories! I'm glad you guys are going to get to be together soon. Being alone for so long has got to be the hardest thing, so things can only look up from now on! I am VERY sad that you guys will be so far away and I hope we get to see you once in a while! Post LOTS of pictures of EVERYTHING and keep us updated! Love you guys!
Oh and P.S. Kira is awesome!

Emily Gardner said...

I can't even imagine spending 5+ weeks being Mom without Reggie around. I'm so excited that you guys were able to figure it out so you can be up there with him, and I agree with Marie, this is going to be an awesome memory for your whole family!!!

The Rowley Family said...

How fun Jen. I would love a good adventure like that!! Have a great time.

Sara said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post... I guess I haven't been on the internet enough in the last week. :)