Monday, November 10, 2008


Kyler was blessed yesterday. It went great. Our church is @ 11am and Kyler usually naps from 10am-3:30pm so we took some pics that morning. My parents came over the night before to hang out and help out. I am so glad my mom was there to give me a hand, I love to hang out with my mom-she is amazing.
All my family came, and Reggie's grandparents came. It really was great. We fed everybody lunch before they had to go home and were sad to see them go - but at least Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away.
Kyler was a good sport the whole day. Cooper and Kira both had a blast with cousins.


I don't know which of the next 2 pics I like better=)
Our family of FIVE!

Just the three of us-poor Reggie was a good sport-he doesn't much like picture time.

My 3 little ones-oh my gosh trying to take a good picture of three kids is work!

This was my favorite picture taken!

My parents with my kids-Cooper looks so big in this picture.

It is my sisters B-day tomorrow, so we sang Happy Birthday - I don't imagine she was to thrilled-but hopefully she knows I love her. Happy Birthday Karen.

Cooper is posing with Kyler-he was being so sweet and cute-as he normally is with Kyler.

Reggie bore his Testimony for the first time EVER in Sacrament Meeting-it was awesome. I am so proud of him. I also bore my Testimony - but not for the first time. It was great to see him up there and hear his Testimony in church.I love Reggie so much-he is a great guy-maybe I should be nicer to him. I am always so quick to tell him what he is doing wrong and never pointing out all the great things he does. I am so glad he is a worthy priesthood holder. Reggie is different than anyone I have ever met. He is rock solid-never sheds a tear yet his feelings are so strong and tender and even his parents and I are always amazed at him. I don't think his parents even have a clue what Reggie is actually like, they just think he's so headstrong and stubborn with a wildly short fuse (which isn't entirely false). It's a good thing Reggie is around to teach me things. He is so smart and his knowledge of the scriptures and the church are absolutely amazing. I am the luckiest little lady with three crazy but very sweet kids and asuch a good husband.


Sara said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your post and pictures! Wish we could have been there. Maybe someday we'll be around for one of your kids' baby blessings. ;-)

*Katie May* said...

SUPER cute pics! We had a fun time!

Michele said...

Hey, cousin! I'm Michele Brinkerhoff (Ikeda), George's daughter, remember me? I got your blog off Hartley's. You have caught up to us in the kid department. Congrats on the newest adorable addition!

Melis said...

Reggie's testimony was awesome. Yours was great too. It was such a great uplifting meeting and I'm glad I could be there. Your family is so adorable.

Melis said...

Jen, just so you know, I have never seen your dogs this far over. My comment toward neighborhood dogs had to do with 1 dog in particular. She is a pest and we do not like having her at our house. I just wanted to clear that up.

♥Hawkins Family♥ said...

You have such a cute family. You got some really good pictures of you guys together. Your little Kyler is adorable. He looked like a little doll in his blessing outfit.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a great blog you have here! Thanks for sharing :)

Matthew and Heather Brinkerhoff said...

Well, well, well. Looks like I found my long lost cowboy cousin Reg and family! This is Matt Brinkerhoff. I got to you from Joelle's blog, and it's good to see what you're family is up to. That's weird that my sister just happened onto your blog just a week ago too. Congrats on your new baby...I guess all your babies are new to me since I haven't seen them. That's not your fault, though. I'm down in AZ quite a bit for work, next time I'll look you guys up. Maybe I can get bucked off another one of your horses. Last time it was Mike, your Dad's work horse who had a problem with me. Anyway, I'm glad to see that things are going well. Check out our blog when you get a chance. See ya.